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#BookReview Sadie by Courtney Summers

Sadie is an intense YA thriller by Courtney Summers.

This book is unique, let me tell ya! It’s from two point of views: a podcaster in the form of a script for said podcast and Sadie, the missing teenage girl.

Things get pretty wild: Mattie, Sadie’s little sister, was brutally murdered. You need to understand that Mattie was Sadie’s whole life, especially since their Mom decided to walk out on them. Sadie was a surrogate Mother to Mattie, so her whole life was ruined when she died. Sadie ran off, out to seek justice, and she’s not gonna stop until she gets it…

The thing about this book – I saw SO many people reading it that I was kind of nervous. Everyone loves it, and often times I don’t agree with the crowd. BUT MY GOSH I DO I DO I DO (to quote Abba, of course). This book lives up to all the hype, but I recommend going into it just for a good read.

This book is WILD. I did not see the ending coming, not from a mile away! Once you get close enough to it all the pieces fit together, but man… It was intense! I’m super impressed and pumped about how this book was strung along. My heart strings were pulled, my heartbeat went crazy up at the thrilling parts and I just couldn’t put the book down. Honestly, I binged the whole thing in one go because I NEEDED to know the ending. It was that fantastic!

The book is super uncomfortable. Some of the content is just creepy and scary, and it reminds me of why this world is so scary. But Courtney Summers wrote it so well that it’s hard not to scream about it from the hill tops. I could almost feel Sadie’s pain, and as more of the story unfolded I only got more angry and hurt about what happened. Poor Sadie…

My biggest complaint: The open ending. There is no concrete proof on the exact ending, AND I HATE IT. I truly hate cliffhangers and this one is killing me. I have an assumption of what happened, but it’s an assumption at best. The book does kind of hint at it, if you look at the words the right way… but nothing concrete. If Courtney did what I think she did… Good job. If not, I’m annoyed!

There are major trigger warnings in this book: pedophilia, child neglect/abuse, violence and substance abuse. Beware readers, because this book can be tough.

Overall, this book was insanely good. I haven’t read YA that goes so heavily into the topics AND make the main character a bad*ss. Go Courtney Summers!

Four out of five stars.

I received an ARC copy courtesy of Goodreads First Reads.


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