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#BookRecommendations Children’s Picture Book Christmas Collection

I LOVE getting in the Christmas spirit, and reading cute and sweet Christmas books is the way to go! I have been able to pick up so many adorable Christmas books along the way this year, I felt it was necessary to include them on my blog. But there were just so many, so I felt like curating a little book review list of sweet children’s tales full of Christmas spirit was the way to go. Hopefully you find a book you’ll love below!

  1. The Elf Who Couldn’t Read by Sonica Ellis

This book is an adorable little tale about Jingles the elf, a young guy who can’t read!

I found this tale to be so wonderfully cute. It emphasized that struggles can be hard, but we can learn to overcome them. Not knowing how to read is tough, but it is a skill the little ones can master! Sounding out the words and taking your time can be a big help when learning how to read. This book brings positivity to this topic, and it was also just so cute and sweet as a Christmas tale. I would highly recommend picking this book up for your little ones.

I absolutely adore the illustrations. They are fun, colourful and totally fit the whimsical nature of this Christmas story.

Four out of five stars!


2. Where Does Santa Go on Vacation? By Kim Ann

This story asks where Santa and Mrs. Clause go on vacation when they get away after Christmas. It’s quite the little gem of a story. It asks lots of questions and show amusing little pictures of what this duo might be up to after the hubbabloo of Christmas time. It’s short, sweet and a quick read! Little ones will love this book! I can especially see ages 2 to 5 having a hoot with this story.

The illustrations are super cartoony and make for a fun visual aid to the story!

Three out of five stars!


3. It’s Not Easy Being Santa! by Pragya Tomar

It’s Not Easy Being Santa! by Pragya Tomar is an adorable little story that will fill you with Christmas cheer!

Bug wants to help out some children whose letters didn’t make it to Santa. He loves Christmas, so it’s only natural he wants to help! Once he’s made his wish that he could be Santa, the real fun begins!

This is such a unique tale and it filled me with so much glee and joy! Books like this is why I loved reading as a kid. I sure hope more books like this find their way onto mine and many other readers shelves. What a whimsical and lovely tale that I HAVE to share with everyone! How can I not share such a heart warming tale like this one?

The illustrations are a little kooky, but they are delightfully fun at the same time!

Five out of five stars.


4. When the Clock Strikes on Christmas Eve by Lisa Ferland

When the Clock Strikes on Christmas Eve is a fun rhyming book full of Christmas joy!

The book has every hour striking and something fun happening. Christmas cheer and joy is spread throughout the book, making it a fun and different way to get jolly if you are tired of the 12 days of Christmas.

The illustrations are colourful and fun, and they work really well with the story.

Three out of five stars.


5. Arial, the Secret Santa by Mary Nhin

Arial, The Secret Santa by Mary Nhin is a delightful book about kindness at Christmas time!

Arial’s family teaches her about kindness, and they put it into action by deciding to be Secret Santas everyday by sharing kind words and happiness to everyone. This book did feel less of a Christmas story, but it was a sweet premise. It felt more like a book about kindness with a couple Christmas pictures scattered throughout.

Fortunately, the messaging of being kind to each other was great! Educators and parents should grab more books like this to help teach kids how being kind and nice to each other is a good thing.

I absolutely LOVE these colourful illustrations that bring so much life to this book!

Three out of five stars.


6. The Worst Christmas Book in the Whole Entire World by Joey Acker

Ah, this is not your stereotypical children’s Christmas book. My goodness, it is comedy gold!

This Little Rock points out why this is the worst Christmas book in the whole entire world, and man it is! It’s absolutely horrendous, horrible and wickedly terrible. You’ll be so disappointed that you’ll be so impressed! Now hopefully you can read my sarcasm and comedy in that, because that is what this book brings: comedy and sarcasm.

I quite enjoyed this book. It’s not the typical Christmas picture book and I loved it because of that. It made reading my little Christmas binge so much more exciting! It’ll make you laugh and chortle and chuckle and giggle at all the fun nonsense that this book brings. Honestly, it’s refreshing. Comedic books like this deserve their time to shine.

Four out of five stars.


7. The Adventures of Pookie: Mission Fat Hearts by Rebecca Yee

The Adventures of Pookie: Mission Fat Hearts is a fun, thrilling little tale about dogs being enlisted by Santa to help with some missions!

Adults will get a chuckle out of some of the references to Mission Impossible and kids will love the adorable nature of this full of heart story. These dogs spread Christmas cheer throughout 25 days to help Santa get Christmas full of joy and love again. It’s a great little read with cartoon-y pictures. I think parents could easily use the listed missions as fun activities and ideas for their little ones. Or even educators!

Three out of five stars.


8. A Christmas Cookie Exchange by Sheri Wall

A Christmas Cookie Exchange is a sweet picture book with lots of rhymes and Christmas cheer!

We follow a little cookie named Phil as he sits on the dessert table. He’s sad because he’s not as fabulous as the rest of the cookies who have sugar and icing and sprinkles all over them. Our little cookie friend learns that everyone is special in their own way and can talk about how they feel. Looking important isn’t as important as how you feel inside!

What a wonderful theme and what a wonderful little book! It’s a great story for parents and educators to pick up.

Four out of five stars.


9. The Magic of Friendship Snow by Andi Cann

The Magic of Friendship Snow is a heart warming tale about a little girl name Jojo trying to make some friends.

When the magic of snow gets used, friendship is formed! Tie this in with the gorgeous pictures, and you’ve got yourself a lovely little tale for picture book loving readers to devour.

Three out of five stars.


And with that, you have 9 lovely, little Christmas tales full of joy and cheer! These stories are great additions to your picture book shelves for Christmas time! Comment below if you have more Christmas stories to share.


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