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#BookReview Snowbound (Milligan Creek #5) by Kevin Milligan

There is nothing I love more than another Milligan Creek book!

I can’t express how pumped I was when I heard there was another book coming from Kevin Miller. The Milligan Creek series is one of my top middle grade series EVER (and yeah, that’s a big deal – I read a lot) so I absolutely needed to get my hands on this book. AND I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!

This is a Canadian winter themed book with more shenanigans from our favourite group of kooky Canadian children. This time Chad, Dean, Andrew and Matt are getting into some hijinks with a snow maze. Yeah, a snow maze. I always wanted to try to build an igloo growing up here in the Great North, but when we did get enough snow we were always stuck in school. What a bummer. But these guys? THEY GET TO LIVE MY CHILDHOOD DREAM!

Anywho, away from my excitement. Welcome back to Milligan Creek folks! You get welcomed with a suspenseful opening, following the not-so-bright Dewey Biggs. He’s stolen a vehicle and has made a friend out of a moose. Well, not really. He hit a moose, but you get the point. He also says the most Canadian thing to come out of a book character’s mouth in a while, “Stupid defrost.”

Jump to the boys – it’s wintertime and what better thing for a group of boys to do than build a snowman fortress? With snowmobiles, skiing, snow blindness and other winter fun about, you might as well build your own version of Elsa’s castle. It’s pretty much law for kids in Canada at this point. They are determined to build the ultimate snow fortress, but what they don’t realize is they are going to be pulled into a thrilling ride when the chase for Dewey heads their way.

What other great points are there that I don’t want to give away but also want to mention?

  1. Yellow snow jokes
  2. Waterloo by ABBA
  3. The definition of liability in a kids book (like seriously, I’m impressed)
  4. Has anyone else made the goofy comment about turning into a popsicle when they are too cold? Just me and this book? Ok.
  5. A thrilling rescue!

Overall, this book is hilarious, witty and stupidly smart. It’s so much fun and everything I want in a middle grade novel. This series keeps bringing me joy and I seriously need it to find more readers. More people need to have the fun and love I have for this series, because it’s a hidden gem!

Five out of five stars!

I received a free copy of this book from the author, Kevin Miller, I exchange of an honest review.

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