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#BookReview My Christmas Charade by Melanie Ting

Ooooohhhh boy!

I was seeking holiday books this year, and this one did not disappoint! Like normal, Melanie Ting has crafted a perfectly swell book that will make your heart flutter.

My Christmas Charade (the third book in the Holiday Hat Trick series) is about a sweet, Government financial analyst named Emily who fake dates the snarky, sarcastic and crude former hockey player Ian. She brings him home for Christmas after her boyfriend of ten years breaks up with her (his name is Lucas, FYI), to show her family how her new flings are totally acceptable. Because, obviously, a brutally honest, rude jerk with a mullet like Ian could not possibly be liked by her parents. Until, you know, everyone loves him – including her!

This book is packed full of Canadiana and I LOVE IT. Seriously, I love a good book that represents my home country in a variety of ways. Hockey players from Timmins? Yup. I’ve heard those jokes before! The ridiculous expensive of an NHL ticket (especially the Toronto Maple Leafs), yuuuuuuuup! Honestly, this book packing so many little Easter eggs for Canadians was just incredible. I loved it!

Throw in these other awesome notes:

  1. Em’s real name is Emerald – that’s ridiculously awesome.
  2. Em owns a hedgehog. YES A HEDGEHOG LIKE OMG CUTENESS.
  3. The relationship not being like BAM! instalove is totally appreciated.
  4. The comments about protection and being healthy in the sexual department – respect!
  5. Melanie Ting writing this book so well that the chemistry between Ian and Em felt real – awesome!
  6. Enemies to lovers, kind of? I wouldn’t say they are necessarily enemies but they don’t get along. This is a trope I haven’t read much of, so it was nice to slip into it.
  7. So many great one liners or just snarky comments. I love some sarcasm and wit in my books! Loooove it!
  8. Lots of hot sex. Melanie Ting is great at writing sex scenes. Seriously. Woooo. It was hot.
  9. Can we make the whole foul mouth hockey player a trope yet? It totally is a trope in real life up here in the good ol’ North.

Overall, this book is magical and fun! It’s a great romance that should be hitting the rounds and getting more readers. It’s a hidden gem that I highly recommend.

Five out of five stars!

I received a free copy of this book from the author, Melanie Ting, in exchange of an honest review.

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