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#BookRecommendations Top 20 Reads from 2020

I love looking back at all the books I’ve read in the year. It’s always so amazing to see how many good (and sometimes) bad books I’ve picked up! There are so many incredibly amazing books published each year, it’s almost hard to just pick a few to feature. So, as tradition serves, here is my top books from the year. 20 for 2020! This list is in no particular order, because that’d be even harder!

  1. GENMOS: Gathering Storm by Stephen M. Coghlan
    So, let’s start off with some fantasy! If you want a sci-fi read about a bunch of genetically modified folks trying to escape in an action packed novel, then this book is for you! It’s a great science fiction novel that doesn’t feel totally sci-fi. I highly recommend it!
    Give it a look see on Goodreads:
  2. Little People, Big Dreams Series by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara
    I love non-fiction books and I love picture books, and this series smashes them all together. You can learn about almost anyone: Elton John, Steve Jobs, Coco Chanel, Marie Curie, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Aretha Franklin and more! There are so many books to pick from in this series and they are all a great way to add to your children’s book collection.
    This massive list is available on Goodreads:
  3. SPYxFAMILY by Tatsuya Endo
    Time for a graphic novel! I love this series so much because it’s thrilling, funny and highly amusing. What happens when you have two spies who want to get the job done but have to pretend to be a family with a little girl? It’s wild, screams of PG Kingsmen and is just great. I can’t get enough of this series and I want more. You should pick it up too! Maybe it’ll convince the writers to make more.
    Yet another link to Goodreads for all of your investigating needs:
  4. Breakfast at Bronzefield by Sophie Campbell
    Non-fiction time, but this time it’s more of a memoir. Sophie Campbell’s tale of how she was in prison in the U.K. is an eye opening one but also magnificently written. It’s a book that I was totally hooked to and obsessed with, which isn’t the norm for my and non-fictions. If you want to read some non-fiction and learn, grab this book. It’s a great one.
  5. After the Kick by Savannah Adams
    Romance! Ahh, isn’t that sweet? Savannah Adams is one to watch with her contemporary, clean romances. This sports romance is part of a series, so if you love it THERE IS MORE! I absolutely love these books and highly recommend it to those seeking a little love in their life. Also, football!
    Love it or list it:
  6. You’re Doing Great by Tom Papa
    This is a mix of non-fiction and comedy, so why not add a little comedy to this list? Tom Papa is a great comedian (and frequent collaborator on Joe Rogan’s podcast, which is where I first discovered him). This book is wild funny and is just an all around great read. It’s also a great read to peck away at. That’s what I did and I loved it!
    Have a good laugh:
  7. Naked 2 by Kay Brandt
    Erotica time! If you want some sexy erotica in your life, grab this book! This erotica read is a part of a series and by one excellent woman. She’s talented in the industry she’s in and super nice! Who doesn’t love supporting authors who support reviewers? Give this sexy book a read, or any of the others in her massive collection (pun intended).
    It’s not HARD to pick up this book:
  8. Blood Rain by Rajeev Singh
    Erotic horror time! Oh yeah, this list is full of all the genres, because who can pick just one book?! Rajeev Singh is a master of erotic horror (in my humble opinion) and is one to watch. He has an interesting collection of books that will both excite and horrify you. If you haven’t grabbed his books and love strange horror, give it a go! It’s worth it.
    I dare ya to open it:
  9. Seeing Colour by Amber Faucher
    A fun, contemporary romance following an optician when she ventures off to Europe. Amber Faucher is a new and upcoming writer who is one to watch. This quirky book is a fast paced, fun read to light up your nights with. It was one of my fave 2020 reads and I’m so happy to have come across this book.
    I can totally see you reading this book:
  10. Baller Boys by Venessa Taylor
    Middle grade read anyone? Baller Boys is designed for those readers who are picky and don’t enjoy reading. There’s soccer, friendship and fun throughout these pages. I highly recommend this book that deserves all of the middle grade awards.
    It better be your goal to grab this book:
  11. Donut Disturb by Melissa Williams
    More contemporary romance to fill your shelves! I really liked this sugary sweet series and I can’t wait to jump into the sequel. Baking, romance, hot guys, goofy encounters – this book has it all. It’s a romance readers dream!
    You cannoli resist for so long:
  12. Yara’s Tawari Tree by Yossi Lapid
    This is an excellent children’s picture book focusing on the environment. Yara is one of Yossi’s newest characters who gets her own series and it is a must read! Especially if you loved his Snowman Paul books. They are adorable and worth every penny!
    Insert nature pun here: Goodreads
  13. Fire on the Island by Timothy Jay Smith
    This book is an LGBT thriller that really packs a punch. A Greek FBI agent has a big case on his hands, and it’s going to be one dramatic ride to try to figure it out. Timothy Jay Smith is a great thriller writer, so if you haven’t checked him out yet, give it a go!
    This book is hot:
  14. GEO by Kevin Miller
    I know Kevin for his Milligan Creek series (which is INCREDIBLE by the way), but this time around I got to pick up his sci-fi short story. Geo is a great break away from the middle grade books for him and it’s a must read on my 2020 list! A space elevator stuck upstairs with some trouble going on…
    It’s not rocket science to pick up this book:
  15. Mighty Coconuts by Deepa Remesh
    Another wonder children’s picture book that focuses on nature and the environment. This is another wonderful series for your reading pleasure. If your children want some awesome picture books, give this a go!
  16. Vanishing Hour by Lisa King
    Up meets the apocalypse is the shortest way to describe this book. Lisa King is a fabulous new author and I totally adore her. This book is a must read, fast paced, exciting ride. An old man trying to find his wife and a young girl trying to find her father make quite the kooky pair.
    It will be the end of the world if you don’t grab this book:
  17. In Search of Valor by Gary Corbin
    Gary Corbin is one of my all time FAVE thriller and mystery writers. He is an expert at making a fast paced, pull you into the book kind of read. I can’t get enough of his books and this one just seals the deal!
    Don’t need to search for another book:
  18. The Never Have I Ever Club by Mary Jayne Baker
    Mary Jayne Baker was introduced to me this year and I just can’t get enough of her absolutely hilarious books. She’s a queen of romance and comedy smashed together. And this book is super U.K. inspired. I adore it.
    Rom-com link:
  19. The Reluctant Fortune-Teller by Keziah Frost
    This is probably my top 2020 book because it was such an unexpected delight. This contemporary fiction novel follows a widowed man as he takes on a random job as a fortune teller. It’s a heart warming read that will fit perfectly on your shelf.
    A delightful read:
  20. #VeryFat #VeryBrave by Nicole Byer
    One last comedy to seal the deal. Nicole is a great host on Nailed It! and an even better writer. Her experience and opinions brightened up my day and made me remember how great it is to just be ourselves. This book is one for the ages and a must read from 2020.

    That’s all for 2020@ There will be many more books to read in 2021 and I’m sure I will read a few more as 2020 comes to a close. What were your favourite 2020 reads? Any books published in 2020 that made your heart sing? COMMENT BELOW!

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