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#BookReview Two Mothers by K. Kris Loomis

Two Mothers is a horrifyingly great book by K. Kris Loomis. It features postpartum depression across generations, with two women (who become Mothers) being connected despite being many years apart.

The first chapter alone having a 15 year old giving birth but potentially having to give that child up is… intriguing. It draws you in and makes you question what’s going on in the book. Then we move to Anna, who seems to be a Mother going through lots of confusion, stress and grief. She doesn’t seem to know what to do with a baby, which has me even more curious on how this book will progress.

There are some goofy, punny jokes in there too that makes this book a little more light-hearted. It’s not dark and suspicious all the time, which is also a nice touch. It makes this book more readable! I like it!

The change between first and third person also makes this book rather spooky. The entire book had me questioning reality, much like I did when reading The Turn of the Screw. I really liked that aspect of the book, because you didn’t really know what was going on until you read the entire thing and connected the dots.

I do love a K. Kris Loomis book. There’s always something unique about them. Psychological horror and fiction is always done right by this author, just saying. They sit up high on my top reads book shelf and I will continue to recommend and enjoy them. I highly recommend this little novella if you are seeking a quick horror read that makes you think.

Five out of five stars.

I received this book for free from the author, K. Kris Loomis, in exchange of an honest review.

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