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#BookReview Dogversations: Conversations with my Dogs by David Leswick

Dogversations: Conversations with my Dogs by David Leswick is an adorable photography book with amazingly crafted dialogue between David and his puppers.

I was blown away by how wonderful this book was. Part of me was sad that I didn’t get to it sooner, because it’s a hidden gem among the book world. David’s conversations make the book come alive, and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. If you’ve ever had a dog (or any other furry companion that you loved), this may bring back some tearful memories for you. It sure did for me! The goofy pictures made me smile, the family pictures made my heart warm and I just couldn’t get enough. I ended up going through this book a few times, smiling my way through each time.

This is a fun read for adults and children. You can make it a family affair or simply enjoy the sweet read for yourself. In times like this, I need more heartwarming and positive books, and this was it. If you’re sick of negativity and just want some good, old fashioned happy times then this book will fit the bill. It’s worth every penny!

David’s love of animals is apparent! If you’re an animal lover, you’ll love it too. Add it for your Wishlist and pick up a copy! Support this fellow Canadian (ehhhh) and enjoy all of the feels.

My personal faves from the collection: Jailbreak, Cardboard, Flip-Flop Debate, Retrospectacles, Waiting for Santa, I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts and Bright idea.

So, what are you doing? Don’t “paws” on getting this book! Don’t make me bark up the wrong tree! Be a good boy and buy this book! This book is paw-fect! It’s not far-fetched to love this book.

(Come on, you knew I was going to do some puns. Bad jokes are the best!)

Five out of five stars!

I received a free copy of this book from the author, David Leswick, in exchange of an honest review.

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