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#BookReview Randolph the Yellow Snowman by Kevin Miller

Randolph the Yellow Snowman by Kevin Miller is a delightfully funny tale in the town of Milligan Creek.

I love a good picture book, but this one is even better! It’s great! It’s fantastic! It’s marvellous! What other synonyms do you want to hear? It’s got a really funny story about a yellow snowman that may not be what you think it is. His name is Randolph and he is confusing the town of Milligan Creek.

If you haven’t read other books by Kevin Miller, now might be the time to check them out! His middle grade series revolves around the kids from Milligan Creek, so this book is a little throwback to those excellent reads. Back to the review:

We get welcomed back to Milligan Creek (a little town in Canadian’s grand olde prairies) to a little bit of chaos. A yellow snowman shows up that is making the town very concerned. Who in the world would make a snowman out of yellow snow? That’s disgusting! Or is it? Once Terry, the mayor, and every other person gets involved, the story is gonna reveal itself to be quite humorous.

This book is comedy at its finest. Children and adults alike will get a kick out of this super goofy picture book. To boot, it’s a great read for the holidays and winter time. The illustrations also make this book so much better! They are colourful, wacky, zany and fit the community of Milligan Creek just well. Who doesn’t love some great pictures to look at?

Overall, the ending is funnier than I could have ever imagined! I highly recommend this to children aged six and up. It’s comically perfect and a must read in my books. The ending has a parody of the song Frosty the Snowman that will leave you singing and giggling your whole night away.

Five out of five stars.

I received a free copy from the author, Kevin Miller, in exchange of an honest review.

Side note: If you have the opportunity to get the physical copy, do it! It’s totally worth it.

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