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#BookReview Wild Cowboy Ways by Carolyn Brown

Ah, it’s the season of love! February comes around and it’s the perfect time to pick up an adorable romance. This month I will feature tons and tons of my fave romance books. Hopefully you find a new book to add to your TBR! Here’s one of my guilty pleasure reads by Carolyn Brown:


Carolyn Brown’s Lucky Penny Ranch series is 100% one of my guilty pleasures. I love curling up with a cup of tea, a warm blanket and this series and just binging my little heart out. It’s sweet, delightful and the happily ever after book I need! Who doesn’t love a super adorable romance?

I ended up grabbing book #3 a couple years back and had been working on grabbing the remainder of Carolyn Brown’s books ever since. I managed to grab a few at a local book store and they’ve been sitting and calling my name for quite a while. I needed something ooey, gooey and lovable, so I picked this book up! I was not disappointed!

Allie Logan is a trades girl and ends up getting hired by Blake Dawson to help fix up his house. He’s a new, hot cowboy in town at a very famously bad luck stricken ranch. The two end up working together on his house, and slowly but surely find out they like each other’s company a bit more than just friends… well, more than a bit! It’s hot and steamy levels of “a bit”.

There are so many great one liners in this book! Not only do you get all the cute romance and sexy, steamy scenes but you also get comedy! I was giggling and chuckling and oohing and ahhing my way through the book. I absolutely adorable how lovable the characters were, how relatable the characters are, and just how great Carolyn writes. This book was so easy to read and fall into!

Irene is hilarious, but the boys also get some quirky one liners in there as well. That kept me chugging along through the book.

There are negatives in this book, but they are more little annoyances for me than anything. Every woman falls over every man in this book. It’s kind of amusing, but also seems unrealistic. I don’t live in such a tiny town though, so maybe it’s more accurate than I think it is? I do know that small towns are gossipy, heck my town is and it’s not that small! Somehow everyone knows everybody’s business – it was somewhat annoying, but it does happen!

I highly recommend this book if you love cute romance, hot cowboys, a spectacular series or are just seeking some HEA in your life.

Overall, this is just a wonderful book! It’s romantic, it’s feisty and it’s funny. It has everything I needed in a happily, ever after romance with sexy cowboys in it. I will one hundred and fifty percent be picking up as many books of this series (and other books by Carolyn Brown) that I can to sink into my guilty pleasure more.

Four out of five stars!

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