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#BookReview Waltz With Me, Matilda by Tamsen Parker

Short story time!!!

Ah, another lovely tale that whisked me away to a land of dance and thrills.

Waltz With Me, Matilda is a great short story by the always lovely Tamsen Parker. Matilda and Sebastian make quite the pair of neighbours, who might just be interested in a little bit more…

He is a writer, and Tilda inspires him. But, she doesn’t know that. She has always lusted over him – that neighbour down the hall that helps her out when she has to peace out for days at a time. He’s a great friend and is always there to help. Yet, she wants more. When she propositions him, he comes to her dance class and opens up a world of opportunity to her… And there may be a bit of dominance in the bedroom, if ya know what I mean. Which, you better – I made it kind of obvious with that sentence, just saying.

This book is so hot and is the sweetest little gem I’ve found in a while. It makes me feel all ooey gooey and was just the right amount of Tamsen Parker to remind me how much I love her writing, while I wait for her next book. It’s like Christmas in July for me over here!

Five out of five stars.

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