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#BookReview Worth the Whisk by Melissa Williams

Worth the Whisk by Melissa Williams is a must read romantic comedy with lots of baking puns.

Honestly, this series just keeps getting better! Who doesn’t want a couple that breaks the stereotypical mold for their jobs and are also just completely awesome together? To top it off, the comedy is awesome, the romance is hot and the writing is phenomenal. I love this series.

This book introduces us to August, she goes by Gus, who is a plumber and her soon to be beau Harrison who is a baker. If you read the first book (which you don’t need to do – this series is a standalone series where everything is connected but you don’t need to read one book to understand the others), you’ll know him because he’s Cassidy’s brother. The two of them own Bake, Rattle and Roll which is the cutest bakery in Toronto (well, I think it’s the cutest. It might not be officially). The two have realistic back stories that make them feel so much real and authentic. Honestly, I’m digging the unique, diverse but totally believable back stories. You get tired of the “cute, blonde girl from New York” after a while. Anywho, Gus is Croatian and lost her Mom to cancer, and Harrison was adopted.

These two are just sweet! They meet in a bar and their relationship slowly (and then really quickly) develops. It’s hot, it’s heavy and it’s absolutely delightful! Harrison is basically a dream dude – he is willing to wait hours for her. He’s almost too good to be true! But he’s not – he’s a delight.

This book has hot and sexy scenes making it a much more adult romance book and nowhere near the PG contemporary you might expect it to be. I absolutely love it! I need more sexy romantic comedies in my life and this was it!

Overall, this book is absolutely delightful and a must read! I will be continuing to grab every Melissa Williams book I can get my hands on because I love them. Also, she’s Canadian so I enjoy supporting my fellow friends up here in the North.

Five out of five stars.

I received this book for free from the author in exchange of an honest review.

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