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#BookReview After the Blitz by Savannah Adams

After the Blitz by Savannah Adams is a delightful start to a truly addicting romance series!

I have been slowly but surely working my way through The Inman Brothers series. This awesome sports romance series is a must read for those seeking something light hearted and filled with happily ever afters. There’s drama, there’s comedy and there’s lots of sweet and engaging romance!

This book introduces us to Chip. He’s an amazing football player who suffers a traumatic brain injury and is having memory loss. In walks Greta, an old friend/tutor from years ago who he may have had a crush on. She’s a dog groomer who wants to train service dogs, which is just a super cool job idea. They are a unique pair but are oh so adorable!

There is a bit of trouble in paradise for Greta’s work life balance when she finds herself having feelings for Chip. Little does she know, it’s mutual. This is a sweet romance with lots of fluffy and a healthy hint of drama. It’s the feel good kind of book us romance readers need right now. It’s also not overly long so if you want a good book for binging, this book is it! I love Savannah Adams for this reason – sweet, happily ever after romances that are long enough to appreciate but short enough to binge.

Other fun notes? Goat yoga, mistletoe and ugly christmas sweaters! Also, Roxanne. You’ll probably hate her as much as I do by the end.

Overall, this is a heart warming book for a frosty time!

Five out of five stars!

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