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#BookReview PRODUCE POETRY OR DIE. by Narada Voux Sanders

PRODUCE POETRY OR DIE. by Narada Voux Sanders is a beautiful collection of poetry that is pure art.

You can tell that the author is an artist with how this excellent collection of poetry is written. I enjoy dipping into the poetry world, especially after taking classes studying poetry for my degree. The world of poetry and peeking inside an author’s mind is just breathtaking. Especially when it’s a poet! Poets are strange creatures that can weave their words with grace in unique patterns. It’s a form of magic, I swear!

This book was no different than my opinion on poetry – it’s pure magic. The themes of pain, love, diversity and fear are all very prevalent. With most poetry, there are going to be some pieces in this book that stand out to you more than others, but that’s okay. Some of the poems I related to on a very personal level, while others I didn’t but could still appreciate. There were stories that I couldn’t relate to but felt strongly for, all because I got to see the author (or voice’s) point of view.

Ethnic degradation, society’s flaws, colonization, and abuse of all forms was all present in this work. You can tell that there was strong feelings behind this set of poetry – much like the title suggests. There’s also all forms of poetry – rhyming, various meters, a story, an interview, a prayer and a glossary. It truly is a mesmerizing collection with a little bit of everything.

Some of my personal notes that I took while reading:

  1. Metrical Venting – raw, real and honest. I really loved the flow of it when you read it aloud (which you should always do with poetry – seriously, sometimes that is the art).
  2. Misafirkist – This felt like a take on colonization and white supremacy.
  3. “Human crimson juice” is my new favourite saying and I will be using it instead of blood.
  4. I’m More Than What You Perceive Me To Be – ridiculously relatable and very important to hear.
  5. Poetic Patience, Closet, Piñata, F’in’ Flowers – some of my personal favourites.
  6. The White on Dark War – This is an eye opening poem that gives me “The Cattle Thief” by E. Pauline Johnson vibes.

Overall, this set of poetry has miraculous metaphors and was all around awesome (enjoy the alliteration). This felt like a poetry slam written down which is probably why I love it. Plus, the overarching grand themes are done very well!

Five out of five stars!

I received a free copy of this collection from the author, Narada Voux Sanders, in exchange of an honest review.

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