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#BookReview Togo Learns How to Play by Pat McCulloch

Togo Learns How to Play is a sweet, little picture book!

Welcome to a farm, where Togo the dog runs around and has many animal friends. As we join Togo on his adventures, we’re going to learn some really important morals that will help your little readers grow. This book is perfect for 0 to 7, an d it an excellence addition to your library or bookshelf. Adults and children can bond over how cute and fun Togo is and how smart the animals are when they come together to learn.

Why this book is incredible:

  1. Canadian author! Yay! Pat McCulloch is from Alberta, so I’m super pleased to be able to review a book by a fellow Canadian!
  2. This story teaches an important lesson of learning how to be nice to one another. Sometimes we don’t realize that what we are doing is mean by others’ standards! Togo learning how to play nicely and learning a lesson about not being a bully is an important moral to share!
  3. The illustrations appears home made and fun. I really liked disappearing into this colourful story. It has a great series of illustrations to share.

Overall, this book is a gem! I highly recommend you pick up Togo’s books and join him on his adventures. He shares some great morals, is drawn with beautiful illustrations and colours and it helps promote an indie author from Canada!

Five out of five stars!

I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

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