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#BookReview Dear Me, Letters to Myself for All of my Emotions by Donna Tetreault

Dear Me, Letters to Myself for All of my Emotions by Donna Tetreault is an excellent book to teach children about their emotions.

To begin with, the inside cover along with the little sticky notes with words on it was a wonderful image/graphic. That drew me in and pulled my interest forward. Then we get into the story itself – it has colourful illustrations, simple and easy to follow sentences, as well as some colourful font to grab your attention. I really liked that the emotions all had their own font and colour – that made the book feel more fun and engaging.

The illustrations are absolute gorgeous. Honestly, that’s what stands out to me. The fun, cartoon-y style with bright colours makes this book really interesting to look at. Add in the fantastic story, message and theme and you’ve got yourself one fantastic book.

Emotions are big and scary when you don’t know what you’re feeling or why. This book tells the reader that emotions are okay and tries to give some explanation as to why they are. Understanding is a key part of this book and I really appreciate that. This book also gives some coping mechanisms such as writing out your feelings. There are many examples for how this can be done but in a narrative context.

I can respect this book and I really think it’s a beneficial tool as well as just a great picture book. I can see educational institutions, social workers and parents alike finding this book useful.

Five out of five stars.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.

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