#BookReview Wedding Peach by Nao Yazawa

Wedding Peach by Nao Yazawa is a unique, little manga that gave me major Sailor Moon vibes!

Growing up, I loved Sailor Moon, Winx Club, Magical Melodies and all of those other girl power stories. So, it was only natural I’d move towards this book.

If you cross bred Sailor Moon with weddings, I’m convinced you’d get this book! In this little, lovely manga, you’ll find a story packed full of girl power, pretty dresses and love!

For me, this isn’t the best manga I’ve ever read. It’s pretty beat for beat what I’ve read in other girl power manga stories – girls with powers, romantic love interests, friendship, bad guy fighting, etc. Peach learns about her powers, suddenly is a super awesome fighter and starts taking care of the world of love! The boy she likes is a jerk, but man is he handsome! This is definitely a YA manga!

Despite these little tropes, I still think it’s very fun and a nice read to get your mind away from the world. As long as you understand this is almost like a B-rated version of Sailor Moon, you’ll enjoy it.

If you love manga and girl power, I’d highly recommend this book. I think it’s just too cute to pass up. I love a great manga that is fun, fluffy and easy to enjoy. I could have easily binged it, but I decided to take my time. it’s pretty rare for me to pick up a manga so I wanted to make it count!

Three out of five stars!


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#BookReview Juana and the Dragonewt’s Seven Kingdoms by Kiyohisa Tanaka

Juana and the Dragonewt’s Seven Kingdoms Volume 1 is an absolutely adorable manga!

I truly loved this little manga and I cannot get enough of it! It’s sweet, fast paced, adorable and magical. It’s also super relatable since it’s dealing with outcast-like characters!

Nid, a young dragonewt, comes across a human girl named Juana. They do not speak the same language and Juana is an unknown species to Nid. Nid is an anxious fellow who doesn’t fit in and is a carnivore among herbivores. He feels misplaced yet somewhat familial with Juana. He decides to go on a quest to help his new friend.

Nid is our eye into the story. We see Juana and watch her interact with the dragons, but Nid is the true lead of this story. His frustrations, anxieties and sense of adventure are all present. It’s really fun to see the non-human side of things for once. Plus, making Nid so relatable to the population of readers that is going to read this book is wickedly smart.

This book is super heart warming and sweet. I need the remainder of this series ASAP. It’s just so kind and lovely and everything I need during a stressful time. It’s a great and happy way to escape everything going on right now. I will say that this book will not be for everything. It did seem kinda niche, but I still think it’s lovely and everything I needed and wanted it to be. Additionally, I could see middle graders, YA readers and adults loving this story. It’s universal for it’s age group.

Also, I love the art style of this manga. The cover itself drew me in and then the illustrations kept me there. It’s colourful, fun and whimsical. I love it!

Five out of five stars!

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#BookReview Brandon Goes to Hong Kong by Eugenia Chu

Eugenia Chu is one of my new, favourite authors! Honestly, two books in and I’m digging everything she has to give us! Brandon Goes to Hong Kong is a delightful story that whisks the reader away to Brandon’s fun, inviting world.

This book is longer than the first book (which was a short, picture book). We have a short, middle grade read just under one hundred pages. This is an excellent story for five year olds and up, and I can easily see an older age group appreciating this book too! There’s more to unpack with this story, in all the best ways! There’s also lovely illustrations too.

These are the amazing points that I love about this book:

  1. There is an introduction to Mandarin Chinese and how the tones work. To me, this is super interesting! I love an educational book that is also fun. You don’t have to learn how Mandarin Chinese works, but if you want to Eugenia Chu has video offerings on her website on how to pronounce the words and how to use tones.
  2. This is a sweet book about family and fun! Brandon goes to Hong Kong (like the title suggests) and gets to experience exciting adventures with his family. You’ll learn about a lot of major hot spots in Hong Kong when you read this book too. I definitely liked Googling some of the places he went to take me away during all the craziness of our current times.
  3. There questions at the end of the chapters to prompt discussion. Whether you love story telling, or just want a more engaged audience – this book is selling it all and making it work!
  4. There’s a full glossary of words at the back! I love me some educational books. I also enjoyed learning how to pronounce these words (I’m not the best, but I’m learning and trying!).
  5. There’s also an introduction to Cantonese. It’s a little less than Mandarin, but it’s super cool! And an introduction to what buddhism actually is! That’s a topic I’ve always wanted to learn a little more about, so it was mighty cool learning it from a book. It makes it kid friendly and simple, and it also doesn’t go into anything too controversial. Just a basic understanding of what goes along with that word.
  6. Dragons, kites, Komodo dragons, pandas and fantastical delights! What more can a young reader ask for?

Overall, I highly recommend this book. It’s an excellent read for young and older audiences alike!

Five out of five stars!

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#BookReview Try Dying by Rajeev Singh

Try Dying by Rajeev Singh is the first book by this incredible erotic horror author that didn’t bode well with me. Let me explain…

Normally, I’m totally all in with Rajeev’s books. If you haven’t picked his books up, he’s a master at erotic horror. His books are creepy, disgusting, mind boggling, menacing and disturbing – the way erotic horror should be. I’m honestly always blown away by his talent! Normally, his kind of horror doesn’t sit well with me at all and I (essentially) run away screaming. But his books? The writing style and tone always pulls me in and keeps me hanging on.

Then in walks Try Dying. The writing style, the tone, the word choice – all of the essence of the book is incredible. It just gets a little too brutal for me and I had to walk away numerous times to stomach it. Why? Well, the weird fetishes of wanting to murder a woman viciously while you have sex with her made me ill. If that’s the kind of horror you’re going for, Rajeev does it well. That kind of horror bothers me – I’m a woman who fears this. I will say, Rajeev Singh does horror well for this topic. I give him all the props, this just isn’t the plot line or story line that I should personally be reading. I can’t give him enough props, bonuses and compliments for how he made this into a story and made it work. Once I was able to slowly but surely get through this book in little chunks (pun intended), I realized how well written and intriguing it is.

So, what is in store for you, oh mighty reader:

  • The Dark Web
  • “Walrus-moustached” as my new favourite description
  • Fetishes
  • An adventure surrounding a curse
  • An awesomely designed cover image
  • A niche book perfect for it’s niche market

Overall, the book plot wise sat at a solid 3 for me. The adventure and curse side of things brought me in, but the brutality against women grossed and creeped me out. The writing? 5 out of 5, which is exactly what you expect from Rajeev Singh.

My final rating is going to sit evenly at a 4 out of 5. I’m not the audience for that book and I can accept that. I still want to read all of Rajeev Singh’s books because he’s one of the few horror authors that I can (normally) sit through the whole book and enjoy reading. He also just has a really nice writing style that makes the books easy to read. I find I don’t get that a lot within the horror genre.

Four out of five stars!

I received this book for free from the author, Rajeev Singh, in exchange of an honest review.

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#BookReview A Reluctant Attraction by Rosanna Leo

Rosanna Leo sits high upon the Canadian romance writer throne for me. I dare you to bring me a better Canadian romance author! Jokes on you though… You’re providing me more Canadian authors to binge!

I LOVE the Handymen series. I can’t get enough of it and they just make me all around happy. If you want a sweet, romance with a splash of comedy then you’ve found the right series.

Finally, Nick Zorn gets his own book! He meets the wonderful Claire, and as you can imagine they are quite smitten with each other. He had a rough go with his ex releasing some not so nice comments over social media, but he’s still lovable! Claire also had a rough go of things, if we want to put it lightly. Her husband died years ago and she hasn’t exactly gotten back on the saddle yet. Did I mention that she runs a cat sanctuary? It’s almost like Rosanna Leo wondered what exact plot line would make me swoon and have my heart grow five sizes too big!

The book starts off with intrigue – there’s a meeting coming for the boys and it’s causing them anxiety. We find out what’s happening shortly, but the initial draw in was fantastic! It really made me want to desperately cling to the book and find out what was going to happen next.

Then we get into the meat of the story. This book is sugar, spice and everything nice all wrapped up into one. We get amazing, romantic lines such as ‘In her, he found his home.” If that doesn’t just make you want to scream like a young school girl going to her favourite boy bands’ concert in delight, are you even reading the same book as me? It’s so sugary sweet and undeniably adorable!

Side note:

  1. “Decks with Nick” sounds like the goofiest show, but I wouldn’t be surprised if HGTV had something like that. It’s just a boring Marketing name that made me smirk slightly. It sounds like a contractor came up with it. The name they actually use is way better!
  2. Nick + Cats = Uh oh. But don’t worry, they won’t hate him forever. He has a fairly interesting story about why him and cats don’t get along.
  3. Lazy contractors exist and they suck. Everyone has dealt with them.
  4. “There was something sacrilegious about dismantling a shrine.” This line…. This line hit home. I lost my Father years ago and my family coming in and moving/ruining his stuff felt like torture. I understood the feelings and emotions behind this line too much. That’s why this book is so good though – it’s relatable in all the right ways.
  5. Following your dreams! Ah, it’s romantic to think about the things we could do and the dreams we could follow.
  6. Cats. Lots of cats. More cats. All about cats. I like it.

Overall, Nick and Claire are perfect for each other. I’m glad this book introduced me to them because they brought me lots of joy during some hard times. The awkward and funny comments between them felt so real and reminded me of the best romances around. They remind me why I love romance.

Five out of five stars.

I received this book for free from the author, Rosanna Leo, in exchange of an honest review.

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