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#BookReview A Reluctant Attraction by Rosanna Leo

Rosanna Leo sits high upon the Canadian romance writer throne for me. I dare you to bring me a better Canadian romance author! Jokes on you though… You’re providing me more Canadian authors to binge!

I LOVE the Handymen series. I can’t get enough of it and they just make me all around happy. If you want a sweet, romance with a splash of comedy then you’ve found the right series.

Finally, Nick Zorn gets his own book! He meets the wonderful Claire, and as you can imagine they are quite smitten with each other. He had a rough go with his ex releasing some not so nice comments over social media, but he’s still lovable! Claire also had a rough go of things, if we want to put it lightly. Her husband died years ago and she hasn’t exactly gotten back on the saddle yet. Did I mention that she runs a cat sanctuary? It’s almost like Rosanna Leo wondered what exact plot line would make me swoon and have my heart grow five sizes too big!

The book starts off with intrigue – there’s a meeting coming for the boys and it’s causing them anxiety. We find out what’s happening shortly, but the initial draw in was fantastic! It really made me want to desperately cling to the book and find out what was going to happen next.

Then we get into the meat of the story. This book is sugar, spice and everything nice all wrapped up into one. We get amazing, romantic lines such as ‘In her, he found his home.” If that doesn’t just make you want to scream like a young school girl going to her favourite boy bands’ concert in delight, are you even reading the same book as me? It’s so sugary sweet and undeniably adorable!

Side note:

  1. “Decks with Nick” sounds like the goofiest show, but I wouldn’t be surprised if HGTV had something like that. It’s just a boring Marketing name that made me smirk slightly. It sounds like a contractor came up with it. The name they actually use is way better!
  2. Nick + Cats = Uh oh. But don’t worry, they won’t hate him forever. He has a fairly interesting story about why him and cats don’t get along.
  3. Lazy contractors exist and they suck. Everyone has dealt with them.
  4. “There was something sacrilegious about dismantling a shrine.” This line…. This line hit home. I lost my Father years ago and my family coming in and moving/ruining his stuff felt like torture. I understood the feelings and emotions behind this line too much. That’s why this book is so good though – it’s relatable in all the right ways.
  5. Following your dreams! Ah, it’s romantic to think about the things we could do and the dreams we could follow.
  6. Cats. Lots of cats. More cats. All about cats. I like it.

Overall, Nick and Claire are perfect for each other. I’m glad this book introduced me to them because they brought me lots of joy during some hard times. The awkward and funny comments between them felt so real and reminded me of the best romances around. They remind me why I love romance.

Five out of five stars.

I received this book for free from the author, Rosanna Leo, in exchange of an honest review.

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