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#BookReview Winds of Darkness by Rebecca L. Snowe

Winds of Darkness by Rebecca L. Snowe opened my eyes to the wonderful world of fantasy novels.

I normally despise fantasy novels. I have a slew of reasons why they don’t normally vibe with me, yet this book proved to me that maybe it’s just the book and not the genre. Why? Because this book was incredible, kept me hooked and wasn’t confusing.

Seriously, this book made me love fantasy! This kind of book makes me realize why people love digging into these books. There are so many characters, so much world building and yet it didn’t feel like it was all that long. This book is over 600 pages but you wouldn’t know it! Rebecca L. Snowe has a real talent and I hope she continues using it with the sequel to this book (because it left on a massive cliffhanger and MAN do I hate cliffhangers).

Rebecca also does an excellent job with making me enjoy most of the characters. There are always going to be characters you don’t like, but having them all weave together somehow in the story was truly fun and interesting! I loved the Queen (Azkanysh) and the plot line there. The cliffhanger it left for her… Ooh, I need the next book as soon as possible! Rebecca is so mean leaving us hanging there! I also enjoyed Dark Moon and Nathaira. I didn’t expect so many worlds to collide so quickly, but I loved every second of it!

Shapeshifters, Queens taking the thrones over the males (when women aren’t respected), a headstrong Princess trying to make a name for herself, an assassin and more are all apart of this truly mesmerizing book. I highly recommend it if you love fantasy or are just starting out! This is what I hoped Game of Thrones would have been. So, yeah, by my standards this is better than Game of Thrones. With a great, fast paced environment with lots of descriptions and character development, this book is a winner!

Four out of five stars.

I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

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