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#BookReview High School by Tegan and Sara Quin

High School by Sara Quin and Tegan Quin is a wonderful biography all about the famous musicians’ high school years.

This was a book that really had me hooked despite being a genre I don’t jump into too often. I couldn’t believe how enchanting and engaging it was! The pictures, the events, the relatable nature… it was all just so good together. Sara and Tegan not only have a talent with telling their story through music, they have the writing bug too.

I’ve known about Tegan and Sara but have never been a “super fan”. I’ve listened to the odd song and known about some of the awards they’ve won. They are famous Canadians, so obviously as a Canadian myself I’ve heard of them. This book has made me realize I want to listen to their music a lot more. They are relatable, inspirational and motivational – and they were once just normal girls living their best lives. It’s a relatable and down to earth story about some of the insanity of high school years.

To top it all off, they are LGTBQ+ advocates. They are apart of the community and do a lot of good work for it. They are inspirational figures and have a magical way with their words. Their struggles and journey are really something worth reading about. The high school angst, drugs, the changes and discovery in their sexuality, the changing family dynamics and the beginnings in the music industry are something really cool to read about! It felt like these guys could literally be my next door neighbours or be my buddies. There’s also some comedic moments, amazing lines and crazy goofs that make this book transcend to another level of awesome. The on the spot excuses for what they were doing instead of taking drugs or having a little too much fun with their significant others had me chuckling.

Overall, this book was a lovely journey and a great read. I highly recommend it for fans of Tegan and Sara or people just seeking an interesting biography.

Four out of five stars.

I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

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