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#BookReview You Say Goodbye by Keith Steinbaum

I LOVE thrillers. A good book that I can sink into that has a mystery for me to unravel is just what gets my boat floating these days (aside from romance, but those are a very different genre).

You Say Goodbye is about a serial killer who leaves behind notes with Beatles lyrics. The title had already gotten my brain singing some epic Beatles tunes, but the premise just sounded way too cool for me to turn down. Beatles songs were my childhood, so the little smile of singing Hello Goodbye in my head was sweet.

Let’s start out by saying the acknowledgement to Alexandra Scot wanted to make me weep. Google her. Look her up. Hear her story and make a difference. My poor heart couldn’t take it. So kind, so sweet. Thank you for reminding me of her story Mr. Steinbaum. I had forgotten about it, but being reminded of it was such a lovely moment.

Now, off to the races… We start out with a magic trick away. It’s engaging, fun and makes the reader think we’re in for maybe a light hearted story. Until it takes a creepy and cruel twist… The story starts hard and fast to get you into the narrative. Melissa is murdered by a man who isn’t who he appears to be. He’s done this before, and each time he leaves behind lyrics from Beatles songs. It’s an interesting calling card, and it’s one that everybody has heard of at this point.

Merissa’s murder ruins Sean. Him and Merissa were dating, and Sean hasn’t had the best of times lately. He’s a bit of a wash up musician. The lad did have some amazing songs back in the day, but lately everyone just wants him to play his classics instead of his new tunes. It’s degrading and doesn’t help his mental health… And then this comes along. The “has been” faces the love of his life dying, some health scares yet meets a young girl who just wants to learn how to play some music. She’s a wee bit sickly, which takes to Sean’s heart. He finds a small purpose, alongside wanting to find Merissa’s murderer.

Alex’s Lemonade stand made me smile, alongside the millennial references of Hannah Montana and Cheetah Girls. It felt like my childhood was being thrown into this book and that it was made for me. It was honestly a nice breather from the very current references I’ve seen in other books.

But, we strayed away from the plot. Kayleigh is Sean’s new friend, and along the way we meet many more. Maybe Sean’s shady co-workers killed Merissa. Or was it Kayleigh’s Aunt’s new fling? A random stranger? Why are there so many suspicious people? Why can’t people just calm down and live their lives instead of being shady and appearing like murder suspects.

Kayleigh helps Sean come out of his depression, slowly but surely. And eventually we find out who killed Merissa…

I liked this book! It was fun and addictive. The pace was fast, the thrills are insane and there’s some heartfelt moments that will make you smile. There’s gotta be some positive in these harsh stories.

Five out of five stars.

I received this book for free from the author, Keith Steinbaum, in exchange of an honest review.

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