#BookReview A Taxing Affair by Michelle Cornish

A Taxing Affair by Michelle Cornish is an excellent thrill ride with… yes… Accountants.

This may bet the fourth book in the series, but you don’t necessarily need to read the first three to get it. I read this book and felt like I got most of it right up front. Will I be wanting to grab the rest of the series? Absolutely! But that’s because Michelle Cornish’s writing is easy and makes the story flow just right.

Cynthia Webber is a forensic accountant, and man is she good at her job! She’s had quite the feats in her career so far, but nothing is quite as interesting as this time around. She’s helping out her ex Drew Nolan (a divorce lawyer) with one of his recent clients. This super rich man is divorcing his wife to run off into the sunset with new boo. The trouble? He’s got cash for days and has his hands in company affairs. So, of course, everyone wants his dough. When he’s suddenly murdered, Cynthia is framed.

Cynthia works alongside Detective Warren Scott to try to solve this murder. Did I mention they may or may not have feelings for each other? The chemistry and heat is ON.

This book is such a thrill ride! My initial thought of a forensic accountant getting her own book made me grin, and then it just got even better! You’ve got thrills, hints of romantic chemistry, and some absolutely terrifying moments in this book. Plus, lots of mystery that keeps twisting and turning on every page. I really enjoyed this book and found myself glued to it, like many thriller books lately. This book is something I highly recommend to readers who love thrillers and mystery. It’s relatively short, so it’s a nice binge read.

Overall, I highly recommend this book. I can’t say enough how much I love it. I’ll definitely be checking out the rest of the series when I get the chance. Michelle Cornish is a marvellous writer. Give her some love guys!

Five out of five stars.

I received this book for free from the author, Michelle Cornish, in exchange of an honest review.

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