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#BookReview Protecting His Best Friend’s Sister by Samantha Chase and Noelle Adams

I discovered Samantha Chase years back through a random giveaway, and ever since I’ve been eyeing her books and hoping to be able to jump back into them. Lucky me found one free on iBooks and I was jumping for joy! What a day!! I had the chance to sit down and read this while I was waiting about one day AND I AM SO HAPPY. This writer and her co-writer are FABULOUS.

Anywho, onto the real content. You get the point that I love chasing down books by authors I’ve loved before. It’s kind of obvious at that point! Loyalty to my fave authors and series is a must. Good content = great reading!

I will say, the characters in this book weren’t super likeable to me. Harper and I are not on the same page, but I did like reading all about her story. It’s basically a guilty pleasure read for me. I didn’t agree with a large majority of the decisions or sometimes creepy vibe, yet I still needed to finish this book. I was so enchanted and sunk into the book without a doubt. It was hard to break away from my little binge read. So here we are… Me enjoying a book that really doesn’t vibe with me…

Harper’s brother died, and now she realizes she may be falling for his best friend. Typical trope – army brother, long lost friend, protect the girl, romantic pasts questioned – the good stuff. It’s the HEA type romance I needed, even if it felt cheesy and done before. But that’s what I wanted, so that’s what I got! There’s definitely sad parts – Gavin dying and the grief after that is heartbreaking. Everyone has dealt with some loss, and you can feel that the authors have dealt with that through their spectacular writing.

Levi and Harper’s relationship feels real enough. I did think it felt kind of stalker-ish off the bat, but that’s just how the writing made it feel for that first chapter. The ages didn’t seem to match up, but eventually you figure out the age difference isn’t that big (it’s just the poor wording). Protective man + Best Friend’s Sister = trope of the year for me apparently.

Overall, it was a fun little read! It packs the romance, gets a bit R rated and will meet the needs of those trope lovers.

Three out of five stars!

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