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#BookReview Albert Einstein by Inspired Inner Genius

I love a well written children’s biography book. What can I say? I like to learn and this is the kind of book I wanted as a kid. I could only read so many Mr. Men and Bernstein Bears books before my brain exploded.

So, welcome to my adulthood journey into nostalgia and my goal to help readers find books they might not have known existed. This time on the trip? Albert Einstein by Inspired Inner Genius.

Let’s get down to business and judge this book:

  1. The cover is colourful and draws you in. The image is definitely a spitting image of the typical photograph of Mr. Einstein, but it still feels quite classic. I like the look and feel of it. How else can we grab a reader’s attention? Even if we say don’t judge the book by it’s cover, admit it… We all do it.
  2. I do love the illustrations and backgrounds in this book. That is one of the first things that stands out to me. The images pull you in and are quite magical. They are well designed and aren’t your typical story book image – in a great way. It makes you feel wondrous and disappear into the story. For that, I applaud this book.
  3. References! I quite enjoy references in the books. We all know the author didn’t make up Einstein’s stories, so finding ways to look into the facts is really beneficial. Now, every young reader probably won’t care about this (when I was five I sure didn’t. I probably didn’t care until my University career…) but it’s still a valuable tool!
  4. There’s more ‘umph’ (as I like to say) in this story. There’s a fair bit of background that makes reading easy. I’m a nosy little brat so I wanted to know more about the science behind the text of the story, but I think for a young reader it’s just good enough! If eager young readers want to learn more (because, it’s a doozy some of Einstein’s theories) then they can look them up!
  5. Okay, one of the last pages makes me very happy, very proud and kind of weepy. There’s a small reminder that Einstein started out as an everyday kid who was trying his best. He worked hard to dream big… Man, if only books told me that when I was a kid! Those inspirational messages mean a lot.
  6. There’s a glossary which is mighty helpful for those eager learners! And, if this tool is used in an educational setting, a very valuable tool for educators!
  7. Finally, there’s a little biography in the back with more information. It seems more geared towards the older readers picking this book up, but I still like it! More information is always good (well, it isn’t, but it is here. You get my point).

Overall, this is a great non-fiction book to introduce you to Albert Einstein! I highly recommend it for young readers wanting to learn. Pictures books + Biographies + Facts = Fun, Engaging Learning.

Four out of five stars.

Thank you to Inspired Inner Genius for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.

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