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#BookReview No Cure For Love by Victoria Grant

Little known fact about me: I grew up watching soap operas. Two in particular: Coronation Street and General Hospital. My Dad was from England, so Coronation Street was basically law to watch. We couldn’t miss an episode! My Mom liked General Hospital and got me into it, which I ended up watching every day after school. I slowly moved away from General Hospital only due to the fact I worked or had college and university during it, but it was still quite the guilty pleasure for me.

Then, in walks No Cure For Love by Victoria Grant. This sounded EXACTLY up my alleyway. It sounded like the romantic drama of General Hospital but in book form. Why wouldn’t I want to pick this up?! So naturally, I did.

This hospital romance fills that void of my old guilty pleasure. It opens up with a hot guy being examined by our lead doctor, and it starts off with a bang (not literally… in either way you want to say that… pun intended). Rylee, our amazing doctor, is taking care of Jamie Calederone (whose family is the lead of this series). This hockey loving Canadian ends up in the ER with a hockey jersey, and a probably head injury. Rylee is a little bit smitten, and that’s just the start to their dramatic love story.

Side note: I did a year of health care… I don’t think we put rippling muscles on the hospital records, but I am SO down for it if we are suddenly changing that up. I think it’s funny. Although, mine might sound like “Average, eats a little bit too much cake, has the knees of an eighty year old woman.”

So, we have this business hot shot and a caring physician who just wants her stupid, cheating ex (who is also a doctor) to leave her alone. Jamie is a little hot headed, and Rylee is definitely misunderstood by him. At times, Jamie frustrates me and makes me want to shake him and scream. But hey, not all men can be some dreamy dude off Grey’s Anatomy. A fair bit of misunderstandings happens, and Jamie gets himself into more trouble. Rylee and Jamie bounce back and forth between true romance and fighting disaster, before they make a decision on how their relationship should go.

Fun notes:

  1. “Freckles like cinnamon sprinkles on hot cocoa” – I like this imagery. This is why I love romance novels – the imagery is always insanely awesome.
  2. Hockey puns are included in this book and I highly appreciate it, being a Canadian who knows too much about hockey, of course…
  3. The Calderone family seems like a kooky family full of hijinks and mischief. I like it. I definitely need to read the other books in this series.
  4. The hot box analogy… I found it very weird and odd. When you read the book, you’ll understand. I get what was being said, but it felt really awkward. That’s just me though!
  5. This book sets ups boundaries very well. I hate books where the lead sets a boundary and the counterpart goes against it like they don’t matter. This book made the boundaries clear and the characters followed. We need more of that to be set as good examples for romance readers.

Overall, this book is a fun, romantic read! You by no means need to read the rest of this series to understand what is going on. I read this without any background on the rest of the series and absolutely loved it! I’m sure the relationships between the characters and Easter eggs will make more sense if you read the whole series, but you’ll be fine with this as a standalone.

Five out of five stars! Gimme more of these romances, stat!

I received this book for free form the author, Victoria Grant, in exchange of an honest review.

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