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#BookReview The Cemetery Boys by Z Brewer

Z Brewer has always been one of my faves. Back in my high school days I binged Vladimir Todd over and over. I distinctly remember going to Borders (RIP Borders) and requesting a great YA read that would keep me hooked. They presented me with Vladimir Todd and instantly I was in love. Z Brewer’s writing has always done it for me, and this book was no different.

This book is spooky and intense, but in a good way. Stephen is forced to move when his Mother is hospitalized due to mental illness. His Father decides it’s a grand idea to move back to the creepy small town he used to live in and move in with his Mother. The Grandmother? A bit weird and scary, let’s be honest. So, Stephen moves to this tiny town with creepy lore and thinks he finds some friend. The Cemetery Boys basically describes these buddies he hangs out with (they go to The Playground a.k.a. the local cemetery). We learn there are rumours and myths about the town and many deaths that have occurred there. While Stephen tries to cope with being new in town, liking a girl and trying to fit in, dark mischief occurs… And Stephen will never be the same.

SO SPOOKY. This helped get me into the Halloween spirit, even if that wasn’t its intention. I did think the middle half of the book was kind of slow and I would have liked to see the lore come out sooner, but that’s a personal preference. The story goes har and fast suddenly when the action starts.

This book is twisted, and if you’re an avid reader like me you’ll probably figure out the ending early on. Otherwise, it’s a great book! I can see why some readers love it and others don’t. As a big fan of Z’s writing, I was all in. I enjoyed it and stayed along for the right. Maybe this is another one of those niche books? You’ll love the ending or you’ll want to whip the book across the room. Or both.

Four out of five stars.

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