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#BookReview Mack Maloney’s Haunted Universe by Mack Maloney

Mack Maloney’s Haunted Universe is an incredible collection of stories about strange occurrences and conspiracies across the United States.

If you’re looking for a unique, niche book that will give you lots of facts to share with the world, this book is for you. It’s a great collection that is amusing, insightful and truly intriguing. I love a book that can share something new, and this book does it! There are conspiracies in this book that you’ve probably heard before, but there is so much more that you likely haven’t heard of. The hundreds of stories found in this book will surely give you something to talk about, or question your entire existence about. You never know.

There’s stories in here about UFO citing, haunted mysteries, ghost stories and more wacky and wild topics.

I love the back story behind this book: Mack Maloney works as a writer for a newspaper. He ended up coming across multitudes of stories that didn’t make the paper, and they all were weird and exciting. Mack collected the stories and eventually made this book. Honestly, it was worth it!

Side note: Mack has a radio show, if you’re interested. I listened to a couple episodes that I found for free online and quite enjoyed it.

Four out of five stars.

I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

You can purchase this book or find out more by clicking the following links:

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