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#BookReview A Better Part of Valor by Gary Corbin

A Better Part of Valor is an epic finale to one great mystery and thrill-filled book!

I’ve been a fan of Gary Corbin for quite a while. His books just read the right way for me, and I’ve been vining along with every new release ever since. When you find those authors, you cling to them. It’s like finding a good friend – you want to stay along for the ride and keep in touch. So, here I am yet again, ready and willing to solve some more mysteries with Val.

This third addition to Val’s story is a much longer one. It’s quite hefty of a read, but it’s totally worth it. The time flew by and I realized I was suddenly done! It’s hard to find books like that, at least in my opinion. Long books tend to feel like they drag on, and this one kept throwing twists and turns at me that kept me hooked. But, I better get to the plot first…

Valories Dawes works in law enforcement and has been living up to a family legacy for a very long time. She’s young, spunky and very intelligent, but that isn’t always what people want to hear out of a woman, now is it? Now throw in that girls are being murdered across the city, and she’s certain they have to be connected. Young high schoolers with their lives ahead of them… good grades… great at sports… so much potential! But why? With lots of tension, intrigue and desire, this book will teach you to expect the unexpected.

Val is an epic lead, but the poor girl never gets a break. She’s constantly at work, which isn’t a bad thing for us readers… But when the recent string of violence against women happens, she takes up a job offer to help lead the manhunt for who’s behind it. Not long after getting set up with this group, more violence keeps happening. All the while, a close friend deals with some permanent injuries which tests Val’s inner strength. It’s hard not to blame one’s self in these situations…

There is such a unique cast of characters in this book that will make you suspicious of everyone. Diego, Rico, Megan, Curtis, Josh, Beth… There’s something going on! Peeping Toms, awkward connections, drugs, and more… So much happens in so little time… But you know Val, she’ll eventually figure it out.

A personal note: I’m happy to see Gil again! I wanted a lot more of him, but I’ll take what I can get.
Second personal note: Gary definitely wrote the ending for me…. Well, maybe not, but it definitely fell where I wanted it to go!

So, are you ready to jump into this thrill ride? Here’s a few notes for you to consider: This book is apart of a series but can easily be read apart from the rest. I’m who I am, so I always enjoy reading the full series leading up. You’ll get the Easter eggs and relationships, but it’s not needed! Feel free to jump right in and enjoy the ride (maybe come back and comment so I can finally talk to someone about Gary’s amazing books!). If you love true crime or shows like Bones, CSI, NCIS – grab this book! There’s lots of order in this book and also lots of drama to spice it up. I feel like my love of Bones really helped with my joy for these books, even if they aren’t the exact same as each other.

Overall, this is one heck of a book! I loved reading it and am so happy I got to dive back into Mr. Corbin’s books. I highly recommend this one, and all of his other books… What can I say? I’m biased.

Five out of five stars.

Thank you to Gary Corbin for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.

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