#BookReview The Adventures of Bentley the Hippo: Inspiring Children to Accept Each Other by Argyro Graphy

Bentley the Hippo is a delightful book series for young readers.

Yet again, Bentley is here with his friends, inspiring children to accept each other. This book is a great read because it shows characters who are different – they are vision impaired, have diabetes and kidney issues, have ADHD, alopecia, autism and are hearing impaired. Many children out there have these, but often times we don’t see them in books. I’m very happy to see this book shed light on common things children (and adults!) face.

In this book, Bentley has the opportunity to go to space and follow his dreams, or stay back with his friends. His friends are not “good enough” for a variety of reasons, and only Bentley can go on this adventure. But in his heart he knows he shouldn’t have to choose between his dreams and his friends. His friends help back up his decision and show that they are there to support him regardless of his choice. In the end, Bentley shows that being a friend and having a good group around you can help you create your dream and follow them.

What a time to celebrate inclusion! As the book suggests, we are all pieces of one giant puzzle and we need to work together to complete it.

This book is a lovely read showing friends accepting each other and inspiring one another. It’s a great read to help teach kids that even though we are all different and experience different hardships and opportunities, we all are here to help each other.

Four out of five stars.

If you’re looking to pick up this book, here are some handy, dandy links to help you on your reading journey:

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