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#BookReview Stranded in Love by Victoria Grant

Being a bookworm is hard! There are thousands upon millions upon probably billions of books to read out there, and you always hope you find the magic mix of your reading style and the book. The Calderone Family Romance series is one of those series that just vibe with me. It's a fun, fast-paced romance… Continue reading #BookReview Stranded in Love by Victoria Grant

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#BookReview Christmas Camp by Jaren Schaler

Oooh, Christmas books! For the longest time I couldn't get into holiday books, but then the pandemic hit and suddenly I was in love with Hallmark movies, feel good content and Christmas romance novels! I couldn't get enough of them, but they were always hard to find on sale (or at any price other than… Continue reading #BookReview Christmas Camp by Jaren Schaler

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#BookReview Creeping Up on Christmas by A.J. Kormon

A.J. Kormon is one of my recent favourite authors for middle grade series. I always love myself a little middle grade read. It brings me back to my youth and reminds me of how much fun reading back then was. Getting a little nostalgia is nice through all of the craziness of our current situation,… Continue reading #BookReview Creeping Up on Christmas by A.J. Kormon