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#BookReview Christmas Camp by Jaren Schaler

Oooh, Christmas books! For the longest time I couldn’t get into holiday books, but then the pandemic hit and suddenly I was in love with Hallmark movies, feel good content and Christmas romance novels! I couldn’t get enough of them, but they were always hard to find on sale (or at any price other than full price… student problems…). I managed to pick up Christmas Camp at a local used book store and I was OVER THE MOON. I stared at this book for so long, and finally decided in the middle of a hot, August day I would pick this book up and binge it. I needed some feel good, sappy, lovey dovey content to make my day brighter. And man did it deliver!

This is basically a Hallmark movie turned into a book, which is exactly what I wanted it to be. Workaholic Haley is a marketing wizard who wants to score a big client at her firm. But, of course, she’s a giant Grinch. She doesn’t celebrate Christmas – and not because she doesn’t want to. It’s a lot of work, her family isn’t in the best of shape, and it’s easier to go on vacation somewhere hot and deal with clients to ensure she can live as comfortably as she is now. Then we have Jeff – his parents created Christmas Camp, a week getaway that allows families, lovers and friends get into the Christmas spirit. When his Mother passed away, he stayed on to help his Dad (all the while being a successful architect on the side). Now money is getting tighter, and he doesn’t think it’s worth keeping the Christmas Camp holiday extravaganza open anymore… Why not just sell it?

Haley proves to be quite the handful for Jeff, despite feeling the Christmas spirit growing inside of her. The angel room, cookie decorating, tree cutting and decorating, sledding and fun of the holidays gives her fantastic ideas. Oh, did I mention her boss sent her away to this Christmas Camp since she was such a Grinch? As time passes, Jeff and Haley become friends (if not more) but are constantly miscommunication. Is Haley actually finding the Christmas spirit? Or is she stirring up trouble to score the client of her dreams. Why not make a little cash on the side?…

This book is a feel good, happily ever after kind of book that will make you smile and feel nostalgic for the holiday season. It’s cheesy, romantic and just great! Most of the romance happens within the last 25 pages, so it’s not a full romance book. It’s mostly a holiday novel. I wish there was more romance and love in it, but it is what it is. Friendships are formed, Christmas traditions are shared and all around it’s a smiley kind of book.

I highly recommend it for people who just want to feel good and smile at the end. It’s a G rated romance, so anyone can easily enjoy it.

Five out of five stars.

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