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#BookReview Stranded in Love by Victoria Grant

Being a bookworm is hard! There are thousands upon millions upon probably billions of books to read out there, and you always hope you find the magic mix of your reading style and the book. The Calderone Family Romance series is one of those series that just vibe with me. It’s a fun, fast-paced romance series packed with drama and really hot scenes. I’m so thankful I found one of those series because I can dip into these books and suddenly I’ve swum out to the deep and it’s already too late… I’ve binged the book.

Now, let’s get past my fun, little introduction. We’ve got Book 1, Stranded in Love, for this series! Now, a kind warning: I am reading this series out of order. I already jumped into a book later on in the series, but it does not affect my reading experience at all. It only made me way more interested in reading up on the rest of this series! So, perfect note for you readers – feel free to give this series a readout of order. Unless you are totally offended by learning who the couples end up with and their futures first… It’s a good time!

This book is a Christmas read! It might not be the most obvious Christmas book, but it’s set in the wintertime in a snowstorm in good ol’ Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Shout-out to my fellow Canadians!

We have Laney Calderone, the only daughter in the famous Calderone family. They are big, hot shots with a very expensive company under their belts. We have the parents, Eve and Boyd, who are basically royalty in Toronto (as it seems). Eve is a wee bit of a drama queen, and Boyd seems to be a more kind and gentle partner to balance out his wife. We also have Laney’s many brothers (who will eventually be getting their own books in the series). Charles, Noel, and many more will pop up!

So, Laney is out in a snowstorm and gets stuck. There isn’t anything more true than that statement when you are in Ontario. She just found out she was pregnant and her awful, no-good fiancee broke up with her over it. He’s trash, which pretty much any character (except Eve and Ramone himself) would tell you. Along walks in Tyler, a guy who seems to instantly butt heads with Laney around every corner. He plays knight in shining armor, to save the day and bring her to his house so they can wait out the storm. Sure, it seems creepy and you can understand Laney’s dismay, but it turns out to be a little too good… Something romantic starts brewing, especially with a week of time alone in a big apartment…

The comedy and sexy scenes will keep you pulled into this book. It definitely gives off soap opera level drama levels in this book, so be ready for insta-love, quick romances, sudden arguments, and dramatic characters. I enjoyed it for the escape that it was! It’s a fun, fast-paced romance book that doesn’t leave me bored or feeling like I’m left behind. It’s just long enough too, so it’s a nice, quick read.

Bonus points for the Fred and Ginger quote. These books are excellent at random quotes and pop culture references. I thoroughly enjoy it.

I recommend this book if you love: cheesy romances, insta-love stories (or at least very fast relationships), soap opera drama, and a fun, fast-paced book.

Five out of five stars!

Thank you to Victoria Grant, the author, who sent me a free, signed copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This one is definitely going on display on my favourite bookshelf!

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