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#BookReview Quiet on Set! by Kevin Miller

Quiet on Set! by Kevin Miller is another truly incredible addition to my favourite Canadian, middle-grade series – Milligan Creek.

This series is my guilty pleasure. I love snuggling up with a blanket, a warm cup of tea, my cats, and a Milligan Creek book. How can you not love them? They are full of whimsy, fun, friendship, and hijinks. These boys are always up to some sort of mischief, and it always brings a big smile to my face. The nostalgia of Canadian seasons (without cellphones!), the smart references, and wickedly hilarious comedy packed into these books are just three of many reasons why I love sneaking away to Milligan Creek for the afternoon.

Book #6, Quiet on Set!, brings our favourite boys back to the drawing board with a film competition! A new guy, Nolan Coyote, comes to town and his parents buy the local movie theatre. It’s been closed for a while, which is a shame, but they want to bring it back to its former glory! And how does one do that? With a short film competition that gets all of the townspeople involved. Meanwhile, Milligan Creek is being used to film an actual, big picture movie with hotshot stars. Mrs. Muller somehow manages to become a security guard, which only adds to the hilarity. Now, I skipped ahead of myself! Our faves, Matt, Dean, Andrew, and Chad, decide to make their own time traveling movie and use the film set as their backdrop… That definitely can’t go wrong, right? Totally. No issues there… But we know our gang… Things are going to go awry!

This book introduces our lead, hotshot, movie stars as the side story. Wally (also professional known as Dirk Cage – Nicholas Cage anyone?… No?…), and his former flame Flora are the side story that adds to all of the chaos. Whether they are dealing with Mrs. Muller and her overly protective nature or getting tangled in with the boys, they’ve got some serious roles to play (pun intended. Yes, laugh away. My dry wit is hilarious…).

I’ll be honest, this is the most I’ve smiled yet in the Milligan Creek series (which is saying a lot because I’m always grinning and giggling with these books – they take me back to that childhood time where I snuck away and read books all day… ahh, the memories). There are many little side stories that show the films being created by the townspeople. They are hilarious and eye roll-worthy, in the best of ways. And, best of all, Ben and his cows are back! But this time he has a girlfriend, which just shows you that there’s someone out there for everyone (who loves your hobbies just as much as you do!).

I also super love how fast-paced this book is. It’s filled with lots of fun and lots of cool movie ideas. Can I please see some of these movies? Someone make them. They sound downright hilarious!

Overall, this is another fantastic read and I highly recommend you pick up this series. Whether you are a middle-grader looking for your next read, an adult who wants an easy and funny read, or you’re just looking to pick up a great Canadian book – this one is it.

Five out of five stars! Without a doubt, this is one of my best reads of the year.

I received this book for free from the author, Kevin Miller, in exchange for an honest review.

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