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#BookReview Write To Love by Victoria Grant

The Calderone Family Romance series is peak drama and romance, so go figure that Write To Love kept the pace going and the romance hotter than ever.

Casey and Noel are our leads – a mystery writer and one sexy businessman. Casey Dunlop is all of us nerdy little book people’s dream (or reality) – she’s written books and finally has one published! It’s the time of her life, and she’s so pumped to be out meeting and greeting fans (if only she could get more books published too…). She accidentally stumbles upon Noel Calderone, one of the hot bachelors of the famous, Toronto business empire Calderone family. He’s sexy, wealthy and the man of her dreams… she just doesn’t know it yet. After an awkwardly cute encounter, the two begin their dance in each other’s lives, and it’s going to be bumpy and dramatic!

Tall. Dark. Handsome. That’s what Noel is, but Eve, his Mother, proves to be the star of the show for a few chapters. She’s a fantastic antagonist that made me HATE HER SO MUCH. The fury that woman gives me is unbelievable. It feels like I’m back to my high school ways, but instead of watching soap operas where we hate the evil women, I’m reading it. It’s a fun kind of hate though because I’m almost certain she’s going to get better or we’re going to get her love story… and maybe we’ll understand.

Casey goes through a lot, but the happily ever after is what made me feel good. It makes you warm and fuzzy, after all of the super hot, super-steamy sex scenes. Not gonna lie, this book is R-rated fodder for those romance fans who like a dash of erotica in their reads…

If you want charm, romance, and drama, this book is definitely it! I love hopping into these books because they drag me away to a fantasized land of craziness. The romance is on point, the sex is hot, and Toronto is definitely a fictional place… right? (Says the Canadian, ironically… or sarcastically… Your pick). Take this romantic, comedy, drama fest and run with it! I highly recommend it.

Five out of five stars.

I received a free copy of this book from the author, Victoria Grant, in exchange of an honest review.

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