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#BookReview Snowman Paul Returns to the Winter Olympics by Yossi Lapid

Updated Review in 2022:
With the Winter Olympics rolling around, it’s time to jump back into some sports themed books from my fave authors! Snowman Paul is one of my favourite series and also has a Winter Olympics themed series! Since 2022 is the year of the Winter Olympics, it was only a matter of time before we bring these books back out and bask in the wonderful glory and gold medal storylines that Snowman Paul brings.

Snowman Paul has already been to the Winter Olympics once, and now this time he is back! Instead of participating in the games, he’s going to be a referee. He’s got a lot to learn, especially after his last adventure…

The combination of fantastic storylines full of education and morality, honesty, friendship, wonderful and colourful illustrations, and just a great story – you’ve got a real winner on your hands. I absolutely adore this series and I highly recommend it to parents, guardians and educators who want a fun story that also brings in core values we want to teach the kids these days. It’s important to be friendly, not cheat and be fair. Snowman Paul always teaches these wonderful morals and makes the story fun and full of laughs along the way.

Five out of five stars! Thank you to the author, Yossi Lapid, for sending me an updated copy of this book!

Original Review in 2018:
The third book, Snowman Paul Returns to the Winter Olympics, is yet another wonderful addition to this series. This time, Paul is a referee at the Olympics! But, if we learned anything from last time, maybe Paul shouldn’t be trusted with this job… So, what lesson can Paul teach us this time around? This time, Paul is too busy being a referee and working really hard! This book was a little shorter than the last one (well, it felt shorter), but the story was just as strong! All work and no play makes Paul a bored snowman!

I think this story is a super cute addition! I really liked the art style that continues across the series.

If you had to pick one series to read to your kids, this series has to be it! It has beautiful artwork that is soft yet sweet, and it has important themes all children need to learn. These books can be talking points in a classroom, or simply at bedtime! And why not learn with a super cute Snowman?

Four out of five stars!

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