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#BookReview Snowman Paul at the Winter Olympics by Yossi Lapid

Updated Review, January 2022:
Okay folks, the Winter Olympics is coming up this year and it’s time to go into a nostalgia read for me and visit our dear friend, Snowman Paul. Who, by the way, keeps being autocorrected to Snowball Paul, and Yossi now needs to make a sidekick named Snowball Saul because… because it’s a totally legit idea. Copyright and trademark that now folks!

Anywho, to the updated review: Yossi sent me a wonderfully updated copy for me to check out to celebrate the upcoming Winter Olympics. Since Snowman Paul is a wonderful book all about friendship and inclusivity, I really wanted to jump back in and give it another go. It’s been almost three years! Can you believe that?! Time flies.

Mr. Snowman Paul wants to win Olympic gold, and he is ready to practice and do it! He’s strong, fast and smart, so of course he’s doing great. He has lots of fun going through all of the events with his friend. Except… there is something wrong… there’s a reason why he’s doing too good… It’s time for Snowman Paul to learn a lesson in honesty!

Overall, this book is full of marvellous illustrations, a great moral lesson, and a fun story! The Olympic sports being tied in is a great way to bring sports up to the kiddos reading this book. What a marvellous read!

Five out of five stars!

Original Review in July 2018:

The second book, Snowman Paul at the Winter Olympics, opens up with the super smart Paul reading a newspaper! This ambitious snowman wants to win an Olympic medal, and he plans to meet this goal! Paul introduces his little friend to the quality of confidence! If you aren’t confident in yourself, however are you going to succeed? Even if you fail, at least you tried! The rhyming scheme is present in this book yet again, but it felt just right in this book. The art was ridiculously cute, and continues with the same style from the first novel (My Snowman, Paul). It passes my expectations for a simple picture book about a Snowman! I’d highly recommend this book, especially since it shows some of the amazing sports in the Winter Olympics, including ski-jumping, speed-skating, and curling. It’s a fun book for any child’s shelf. If you can, pick up the box set! The main theme behind this book was not cheating and being honest.

Find out more about Snowman Paul on:

The Author’s Goodreads Page


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