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#BookReview Snowman Paul and Kate’s Olympic Dream by Yossi Lapid

Updated Review in 2022:
It’s time for another Winter Olympics so it’s time for Briar (in 3rd person, of course) to jump back into some winter sports themed books. I absolutely ADORE Snowman Paul, so it was a natural fit to come back to this series. When Yossi Lapid let me know these books were updated and prime for a second reading, I jumped on it! Who doesn’t love a children’s picture book series that focuses on friendship, honesty and hard work, all the while having fantastic storylines and incredible imagery? It’s a win-win for everyone (children, parents, guardians and educators alike!).

This addition to the Winter Olympics themed Snowman Paul series is a great read. Kate and Dan are back, except this time we see Snowman Paul helping Kate with her Olympic dreams (instead of him being an athlete or referee). Snowman Paul is up to his old shenanigans, but we know by the end of the story he will learn some fantastic morals with the help of his friends Dan and Kate. Teamwork is the focus of this story, even when Kate is having troubles and just needs support. Sometimes we all need a hand to get us back on our feet to help us reach out dreams. Supportive friendships are what matter!

This book is a marvellous read and I highly recommend it. I adore this series and I think it’s a fabulous tool to teach kids morals all the while having fun! Five out of five stars!

Original Review in 2018:
The last book of this boxset, Snowman Paul and Kate’s Olympic Dream, adds to this epic series of tales! Kate, Paul’s friend, knows how to skate! She’s really good, but wants Paul to teach her how to win! Dan and Paul worked with Kate to practice her jumps, speed and twirls so she could get better and make it to the Olympics! With the encouragement of Paul and Dan, they made Kate realize that she shouldn’t give up on her dreams! The more she practiced and believed in herself, the better she did! And after all was said and done, they helped Dan out too!

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