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#BookReview Designing Love by Victoria Grant

Designing Love by Victoria Grant is the third romantic read in the Calderone Family romance series.

We’re back at it again with another Calderone child getting their love story fleshed out in the most dramatic and romantic of ways. Charles Calderone gets his turn to shine as he woos Caroline Winters, an architect. She’s a close friend of Casey (who you may or may not remember from previous installments in this series), so it was only natural for her to find love with another hot and handsome Calderone brother. She’s wickedly smart, a leading architect, and knows what she wants. She’s the best of the best in her world, there’s no denying that. Charles didn’t want romance, but here he is fawning over Caroline. He was done with women, much like Caroline who vowed she didn’t need a man or a family. But things change when you start falling in love. Caroline and Charles butt heads, but man are they destined for one another. The sassy and sarcastic nature, the hot headed-ness, and the ambition of these characters make them an interesting match.

The drama of the Calderone family continues, with Eve (Charles’ Mother) being a wee bit of a terror and the family values being strong. It’s interesting to see another strong-willed, headstrong woman come into this family. Man, I wouldn’t survive… So these women win all of the awards!

The nice thing about this series is you can either read each and every book in the series in a binge-like fashion (like me…) or you can read them as standalone. Reading them together makes the Easter eggs of familiar characters way more fun, but it doesn’t affect the experience at all. Victoria Grant does a miraculous job of making sure you know any backstory up front, and lets you enjoy the rest of the ride. So if you’re fearful of grabbing book three, don’t! I read a fair amount of these books out of order and it hasn’t affected my reading experience at all.

If you want a negative out of this – Caroline and Charles are quite hot-headed and quick to their temper. It can definitely be annoying (if you don’t like characters like that) but it doesn’t take away too much from the story. I see Caroline as a high-achieving, stressed-out character who has to deal with the always infuriating Calderone family (seriously though, Eve is a wee bit of a monster…) so I can see why she’d lose her cool so quickly.

Overall, this is a fun series with soap opera-like drama, quick pacing, and lots of hot and heavy romance. I truly enjoy whisking myself away into these books and watching the wild romance unfold. I highly recommend these romance books for fans of big drama!

Five out of five stars.

I received a free copy of this book from the author, Victoria Grant, in exchange of an honest review.

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