#BookReview Greenwich Park by Katherine Faulkner

Greenwich Park by Katherine Faulkner was a delightfully binge-worthy book that I couldn’t get my hands off of.

I managed to binge-read this book in three nights. I had to put it down, but I really didn’t want to. I love a great thriller read with leading women, especially when it makes you question what is going on and if we have a reliable narrator. Lucky for me, this book was just SO GOOD. And so fast-paced, that I didn’t want to stop reading. It’s those kinds of books that remind me why I love reading so much. It’s so nice to dive into a book that whisks you away and lets you forget about the insanity of our world. We all need that these days.

The title references the location/setting of the book. Greenwich Park is where our lead, Helen, and her family live. Helen is married to Daniel, and they are expecting a baby! Since she’s had multiple miscarriages, she is off work and resting while Daniel keeps up his gig as an architect. He works in a firm with her brother Rory, and it just happens that Rory’s wife Serena is also pregnant at the same time (and due around the same time too!). When Daniel, Rory, and Serena all miss out on Helen’s prenatal classes (you know, like total jerks… too busy and don’t care enough to show up), she meets Rachel. Rachel is a wee bit of a train wreck and is definitely not following society’s typical rules for a pregnant woman. Despite their polar opposite personalities, they strike up a friendship. But things start to get weird… Rachel starts spending more time around Helen, knows things Helen doesn’t think she told her, and eventually sneaks in way too close for anyone’s liking… And then she goes missing. Secrets galore get shared, secrets get kept, and everything is not what it seems in Greenwich Park…

This book is delightfully eerie. All of my theories started lining up about half-way through the book. It’s a slow burn for getting information at the start, but it all gets info dumped by the end. I was a little disappointed that my first theory was right, but hey… Maybe I just read too many books. I don’t think it was that obvious, and some of the final plot points aren’t easy to guess (and weren’t set up well, in my personal opinion).

I will say a few possible negatives:

  1. The book can be hard to decipher and it does jump around a lot with the hints of what’s going on. I didn’t mind at all, because I was just along for the ride for a little fun. I didn’t take it too seriously. It’s definitely not the best thriller ever written, but it is a fun time.
  2. I felt like Charlie should have been there more… He felt kind of out of place when he finally shows up in the book. I also wanted to see more of Rory, since he becomes important but isn’t around much.
  3. A lot of these characters are horrible people, so I know readers won’t like that. Again, it didn’t affect my reading experience but I can understand how you’d want to tell some of these characters to buzz off.
  4. Did Daniel actually want a baby or what? That dude is MIA for most of the pregnancy for a man who “wanted” a baby.

Katherine Faulkner has a marvelous writing style and I definitely want to pick up any more books she writes in the future. If this was just her first book, I can hardly imagine her next ones because they will be even better! Fast-paced, easy to read, and full of twists and turns is how I like my thrillers.

Overall, this was a fantastic book that I highly recommend!

Five out of five stars.

I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

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