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Mansa’s Little Reminders: Scratching the Surface of Financial Literacy by A.D. Williams and Kendal Fordham – Book Review

Once upon a time in a distant land… Briar taught financial literacy. I’ve done so many things in my career and life, it’s sometimes bonkers to think I’m not an eighty-year-old lady (my knees agree with me being eighty and sometimes my back, but alas… I am not). Financial Literacy is super important and it always boggled my mind that elementary and high school in good ol’ Ontario, Canada never really taught us much. We learned it was important to make money and that someday we would have to do taxes, but that was pretty much it. Go to school, get a job, ta-da! Done. Finished. The end. No more worries or hassle.

Well, not so much. Jump into a world where prices are skyrocketing, gas is ridiculous, groceries are super expensive and housing is impossible and you learn that financial literacy is probably one of the most important skills everyone forgot to teach us (or maybe they also just didn’t know… so many options). But hey, I don’t worry about the why anymore (because what’s the point, no one has given me a time machine yet…) and I worry about how can we fix it side of the process. I joined in with an organization to help teach financial literacy and I was always impressed by how much knowledge one could learn from one single session. With a little practice, financial literacy can become so much easier!

Then in walks this book. Masa’s Little Reminders: Scratching the Surface of Financial Literacy. It’s important to start teaching these skills to kids because one day they will be adults who are clueless and dealing with a financial crisis.

This book reads like a fictional novel. It doesn’t start off with a non-fiction “here’s how to deal with money”, we get an actual story about Mark. Mark and his Mom have some great talks about how they don’t both have money and what it means. She talks about jobs and money, working to teach Mark all about the land of financial literacy from a very kid-friendly point of view. This becomes a great conversation starter for parents, guardians or educators who use this book to help start the conversation. I love it!

There are some comedic and giggly moments that make me smile as an adult because financial terminology is used in such a fun and kid-friendly way. As a former educator, I absolutely adore it. This book is fun and makes learning finance inclusive. You can’t get more fun and friendly than that!

Business plans, sales tax, basic math, saving money, managing money – while this might sound boring, this book makes introducing them fun and engaging. Key points for a reader like me!

The pictures are also imaginative, creative, and delightful. They are cartoon-y in nature, but an absolute gem. It makes the book more fun and engaging, while still making it readable.

Overall, this book really stands out to be a useful educational tool and kid-friendly. I really think this book is valuable to read whether you are a kid wanting to learn, a parent/guardian wanting to influence, or an educator wanting to teach.

Also, talking squirrels and Black Panther. That’s always fun! Unless you are scared of squirrels…

Five out of five stars.

Fantastic & Fun Side Note: There’s also Mansa’s Little Reminders: The Money Workbook for Kids which is a great way to introduce saving, entrepreneurship, and budgeting on top of the absolutely lovely storybook. The workbook is full of fantastic exercises, amazing illustrations, and helpful tips to learn the basics of financial literacy. There’s vocabulary you can learn, exercises (with online tools and resources you can download!), and amazing examples to get you started. In my opinion, Mansa’s Little Reminders is going to be one great educational tool!

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Ready to give this book a whirl? Check out this book by clicking on the links below:

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