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The Night Shift by Alex Finlay – Book Review

To say The Night Shift by Alex Finlay is good would be an understatement. This thrilling read has all the nostalgia with nights at Blockbuster and angsty teenagers. Then, you throw in the murder spree, the mystery and “who dun it?”, the multiple points of view, and the twist ending I didn’t see coming… It’s a top-notch mystery, thriller read that I highly recommend.

I was in a bit of a dry spell with books when I was originally reading this one. I decided I wanted to pick up something that would make me think, and a thriller does just that! I hadn’t heard of Alex Finlay before, but I saw this book sitting on my shelf and figured it was the perfect way bedtime read. Oh man, was I wrong! This book was addicting and binge-worthy, and I had a very difficult time putting it down. I picked a book so well written, with so many plot twists and misdirects, and such an incredibly woven story to read before bed?! I was crazy. I did manage to binge it in a few nights. I tried to hold back, but I couldn’t resist. Alex Finlay has my deep respect.

Okay, so the book itself:

Back in the 1990s, specifically 1999, it was New Year’s Eve in Linden, New Jersey! Party time, right? It’s the U.S.A. and the ball drop is afoot! Plus, with Y2K, maybe the entire world will end!

Well, maybe not for the teens working at good ole Blockbuster Video. What a shame about that place… Both it shutting down and the brutal murder that happens in the book. Four teenage girls and their boss are working the night shift and doing their due diligence – putting movies away, gossiping, and the typical late-night shift you’d expect at a video store. Then things turn sour when all but one of these kiddos gets murdered. One lonely teen girl survives… And her life would never be the same. The killer leaves behind one clue for this woman, which will haunt her in years to come… A whispered message that will give anybody nightmares.

Flash forward fifteen years and that Blockbuster is long gone, but another business has a wicked attack that leaves all but one lonely teen girl dead… And, unlucky for our ladies, the killer whispers those same, dreaded words to her… Is it the same murderer, back for me? Is there a connection? Do we have a copycat on the loose? Is this victim more suspicious than the first? Does either of these girls have anything in common?

Twists and turns are the typical in this novel. The original murderer has been missing for years, but one of our characters thinks they have found a lead on his disappearance. The survivor is doing her best to survive in the present day, and somehow gets involved in this mess. FBI agents, police, and the locals all start their own path to try to figure out who the killer is… And maybe someone will be right.

This book is super fast-paced and really well written. There are hints along the way that really should have jumped out at me like bright red flags… But they didn’t. If you are a sleuth and love thrillers, you might have a chance at guessing the ending! It wasn’t the most obvious ending, but if you piece the puzzle together just right, it’s definitely a story you can put together. Use those detective skills, mighty readers!

The trauma, darkness, and psychology around this book were really interesting too. It honestly felt real, minus a few crazy scenes that feel like they are right out of a Chicago PD episode (which is not bad at all). There are a lot of cliffhangers in this book, but the book itself does not leave you on a cliffhanger. Add in the multiple POVs that lead you down many different alternative paths for what could have happened… and it’s just all-around great. I really liked these aspects of this book, because they kept me wanting more. All of the suspense and amazing writing really made this book a winner for me. It gets all the love for me, and I’ll definitely be looking for more Alex Finlay books in the future.

Five out of five stars!

I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

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