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Kick at the Darkness by Suleikha Snyder – Book Review

The Review

Suleikha Snyder is one of my favourite authors. It’s an absolute guilty pleasure of mine to pick up one of her books, get a warm blanket and a cup of tea, and then just sit with my cats and read the day away. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a good read.

Kick at the Darkness is a novella that centers around the apocalypse. The setting is horrific, but the story has heart and romance, all woven into such a short story. It was a marvelous read, that will make you think.

We open on a wedding, to head into the apocalypse. There’s no normal after an outbreak, that’s for sure. We can all account for that these days. Bring in a zombie apocalypse, and you know life is just going to get worse. The pandemic vibes in this book were spooky, but you get over it pretty quickly when you start reading the hot and heavy romance that Suleikha Snyder is just so darn good at. This pair which is easily a “destined in the star” set of lovers, brings so much hope and love into a story that makes you wonder how long the world might last.

Notes worthy comments from Briar about the book? Oh, I thought you’d never ask!

  1. Throw in a chain mail shirt with black flame tattoos, and you’ve got me hooked.
  2. “The conservative government had probably pretended the zombies were abortion clinics.” OOOOOH. Burn.
  3. “Shane has tried to eat her. Not in the fun way.” The dark, dry, and witty humour… Oh, this book has me hooked. Can I get a little more of this?
  4. Scooby-Doo references! Bringing my childhood nostalgia back, why don’t ya?
  5. Russian nesting doll metaphors and lusty stories. Wowza!

Overall, this novella is a delight! I loved it and I couldn’t put it down. I even managed to read it twice, which is rare for me. I highly suggest grabbing a book by Suleikha Snyder! 100%.

Five out of five stars.

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