#BookReview Little White Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I’ve been meaning to pick up a book by Jennifer Lynn Barnes FOR YEARS. She’s one of those authors I’ve been standing and staring at through the bookstore’s glass window, but just never managed to get my hands on one. Then, I stumbled across Little White Lies and the rest was history. I decided it was time to indulge in some YA insanity with backstabbing girls, and it was worth it. This book is a hoot!

Sawyer gets drafted by her Grandma to join her in debutante land, for a lovely exchange of some college fund money. She lives with her Mom far away from that monstrosity and had no idea that was where her life began. When her Grandma offers her a fantastic contract with the deal of a lifetime, she decides to join the craziness that will make her question everything. Bratty girls fighting over boys, expensive dresses, dinners and dances, and enough cops to be involved that we could sink a battleship… Oh, and the fun has only just started.

It’s a drama filled book about debutantes and the insane lengths they will go to for them to keep their secrets safe. It ends with a cliffhanger, so I was not impressed… I enjoy my books being able to end nicely without me feeling like I need to continue. But, this book makes me feel like I need to. What happened? Who’s the Father? Who’s not the Father? Is the pregnancy fake? What’s going on? There’s so many things that couldn’t fit into this book and finish it up nicely.

This book is a long one though, and some of it didn’t really need to be there. Some chapters droned on and on while I was just itching for the action to get started (or end, depending on what plot line we are following).

This book is quirky, and is perfect if you love soap opera like stories – think General Hospital, Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries (without the fantasy). There’s enough thrills, drama and laughs in this book to make a reader grin. Keep in mind, it is a YA book so it’s relatively clean, with the suggested potential murders, pregnancies and rapes around the corner. The girls are all in jail, but we never get the full why… so if you want to read this book, be ready to commit to a whole series (or read some spoilers to finish the series up, I guess).

Overall, good book! I’ll have to try to get my hands on the next one, one of these days.

Three out of five stars.

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