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#BookReview Finnish Nightmares by Karoliina Korhonen

Looking for a quick review of an excellent graphic novel/comic book? This book is relatively short but I was honestly surprised how few reviews it had! This book was absolutely hilarious and a must read. I figured it deserved it’s time to shine, so here is my quick review (flashback to my first reviews on this blog…) for an absolutely hilarious book!

Finnish Nightmares was a book I stumbled upon during a book sale. I wanted to get up to the “free shipping” option and I wanted to pick something utterly random and fun. This book seemed to fit the bill! I thought, why not just grab something way out there? I already have tons of bestsellers and popular books. I want to go deep into a world of barely read books. And this little gem is hilarious! I’ve been passing it around my friend group and everyone has left this book with a small grin on their face. It’s goofy, dumb and too relatable. Way too relatable!

Yes, this book was made for people from Finland (Finnish Nightmares… get it? It’s obvious). Despite that some of the pages are distinctly for Finnish people, 98% of this book is the average, everyday awkwardness us as a species feel. It was utterly hilarious and had me grinning the entire time. Well, sometimes grimacing because OH MY GOSH DON’T PUT ME THROUGH THAT AGAIN. Either way, it was quite the hoot!

I seriously loved this book and I think it’s a great, little graphic novel. It’s a super fast read (or you can take it on section/chapter at a time), it’s hilarious, it’s relatable and it’s just fun. There’s no massive commitment, you don’t need to follow characters, and it’s just all around great. I highly recommend it as a light comedy read!

Four out of five stars!

Here are some booksellers for you to get your hands on this comedic masterpiece:

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