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Once a Fallen Lady by Eve Pendle – Book Review

The Book Review

Once a Fallen Lady by Eve Pendle is the historical romance book I have been patiently waiting for.

I LOVE me some romance, and throw in a really good historical element and I am HOOKED. It’s hard to find a historical romance that doesn’t bring in a lot of politics from the time that you can just escape into, but Eve Pendle’s writing hits just the spot.

Once a Fallen Lady follows Lydia Taylor, a single Mother who’s daughter gets ill. Luckily for her, Alfred Lowe, her daughter’s school teacher, comes to her rescue. It helps that he has a bit of a thing for her and the two naturally keep hitting it off. They bond closely together and fight through greedy landlords, intriguing scandals, and a love that is worth risking everything for.

I really liked Lydia, Annie, and Alfred. These characters were written so well and I felt like they could be my next door neighbours. I truly felt for Lydia and Annie, and all I wanted to do was help. There’s nothing scarier then being a Mother who’s child is sick and the cure is not within arm’s reach. The rumours of what will help, the fear that nothing will help, and knowing all the while you can barely afford to live (let alone also have a very ill child). This novella does everything right in my eyes, with a compelling story, a powerful narrative, and just the right amount of romance to make you swoon.

This is also a novella, so it’s not severely long. It was just long enough to keep me captive and find time to binge in one sitting. Gotta love those days when you can speed through romances that just hit the spot! Oh so satisfying.

I found that the romance in this novel didn’t feel forced. Eve Pendle found a way to seamlessly make an organic relationship that felt honest and real. The concern and care of a man who has honest feelings and wants to make a life with a woman he cares for… ugh. It was the best kind of romance that made me sigh and wish we saw more of this in reality. Alfred is such a well written character with a lot of charm and a heart of gold. He wasn’t evil or sinister. Even the “bad guys” that find their way into the story in the end aren’t as evil and manipulative. This overall felt like a fairly positive book, with simple conflict, drama, and consequences packed in. I love a book full of positivity, honestly, trust, and romance.

I want to read more by Eve Pendle. This book is a must read and so far one of my faves of 2022. I really can’t get enough of a positive book that I can sink away from reality in. What a gem!

Four out of five stars.

I received this book for free from the author, Eve Pendle, in exchange for an honest review.

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