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The Gods of Women Have Gone Mad by Wole Akosile – Book Review

The Book Review

The Gods of Women Have Gone Mad by Wole Akosile is a unique take on feminism and how cruel the world can be. This horrific story sees many women through genital mutilation and the adversity of women go through. It’s sad and scary, but it is something that still happens in this world. This book is a dystopian tale that weaves a coming-of-age story and romance all in one brutal retelling.

Lami, our lead lady, has avoided genital mutilation successfully for many years. Unfortunately, she can’t escape the wicked tradition anymore and is thrust into a world of pain and humiliation. This story is raw and honest about the horrible medical procedure that hurts many women. This society believes women going to marry men should not have pleasure, and that it is a rite the women must go through. It brings up important thoughts on the topic, like how women are never the same after and how women who have pleasure should not be over-sexualized.

Lami is a strong leader and she seeks out the change in society that is obviously needed. She’s a truly incredible character that is inspiring, despite all the pain she goes through. The trauma and pain are discussed thoroughly in this book and are somewhat gentled down with a romance plot to help soften the blow of the unnerving scenes. The romance is quite sweet, rounding out the corners of this horrific story.

I do warn that this book is incredibly brutal and is for sure R-rated. It is graphic in detail and has many triggers – female genital mutilation, talks of rape, forced marriage, and incest. It’s a rough story, but it is based in some of the realities of the past and current situations around the world. It reminded me of the brutality and honesty of The Handmaid’s Tale – where you cower and shame what’s happening but know very well there are still places where things like this happen.

Overall, this is a powerful tale that will open your eyes to the sad and horrific nature of humankind. Defiance, shame, and trauma are out there in this world and tough. Only we can make a change and try to make the world better, piece by piece like Lami.

Four out of five stars.

I received this book for free from the author, Wole Akosile, in exchange for an honest review.

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