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The Revenge of Joe Wild by Andrew Komarnyckyj – Book Review

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Are you looking for YA book recommendations? Well, you’ve come to the right place. The Revenge of Joe Wild by Andrew Komarnyckyj is a YA western, fiction book that will take you on a winding ride.

I’ve been a fan of Andrew for quite some time, so it was only natural I picked up his newest book. This time around, we are presented with a young adult novel featuring a historical, western setting. If you’re looking for a hint of mystery with action and good ol’ western narratives, this book is for you!

I truly enjoyed this book, and I think it’s an awesome YA spin on a western tale. It reads very much like the old western tv shows my Dad used to watch with me as a kid, except this one has a lot more themes and spice than the soapbox westerns from my childhood. All of the binging of western tv shows and films as a kid probably made me a little skittish around western novels. Luckily, Andrew has a way with his words and really grabbed my attention with this addicting read.

Joe Wild is a kid. He likes his lady friend Cath, his parents aren’t the best, and he’s got a Father figure in his buddy Ervan. He gets life lessons from his drunk Father and is just trying to survive. Suddenly, a close friend of his is murdered and he is suspect number one. So what does any boy in the West in the 1800s do? Go on the run! Epic chase scenes, mysteries, and fraud all splatter themselves throughout the book. An adventure with lots of action ensues, showing us Joe’s growth into becoming a man of honour.

This book has a medium pace but packs all the drama. A lot of themes and questioning of the time are brought up, and I think it’s perfectly suitable for a YA audience. I can easily see teens and young adults getting into the western genre through this book. Normally, you wouldn’t catch me near a western book, but this book gives me hope! Maybe I’m just not finding the right western books to peak my interest.

Overall, Andrew has created a wonderful book that I highly recommend. Give it a chance – indie books are where it’s at this season. I’d argue and say this is one of the best western books I’ve ever read! Read this book and you might find it’s the best YA book you’ve read in a while.

Four out of five stars.

I received this book for free from the published and the author, Andrew Komarnyckyj, in exchange for an honest review.

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