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The Zombie Fairy by Kevin Denwood – Book Review

Book Review

The Zombie Fairy by Kevin Denwood

One thing I never expected was to read a children’s book about a zombie fairy. Honestly, if you gave me a 2022 bingo card, this wouldn’t have been on it. But you know what? That’s completely okay because this book is a wild and delightfully fun ride! Never underestimate the power of the creativity of an indie author!

Crystal, our zombie fairly friend, has a ghost friend named Gary. It’s his birthday and she wants to get him a gift, but what do you get a ghost?! She ends up getting lost and going on a little adventure, meeting wish-granting genies and situations that just don’t go to plan.

The illustrations are kooky and fun! I’m a Halloween enthusiast, so this book spoke to me so well. Little goblins and ghouls will love this book, and I think they’ll appreciate all of the fun of this book right before Halloween!

My only negative about this book is that the pages with text all have the same background image. Does it ruin the story? No. Did it confuse me why this page was wasted with the same image when it could have been used in a more creative way? Yes. But that’s my inner marketing background speaking, and honestly, I don’t think most kids (the ideal audience for this book) will even notice.

My final thoughts? This book is a delightfully smart book with an incredibly creative idea. This is the kind of fun book I would have loved to read as I geared up for Trick or Treating every October. I highly recommend this book to readers about age 4 or up (or anyone who can handle cartoon zombies and ghosts).

Five out of five stars!

I received this book for free from the author, Kevin Denwood, in exchange for an honest review.

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