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Fourth of July on Monster Mountain by Clark Roberts – #BookReview

The Book Review

Clark Roberts is back at it again with Fourth of July on Monster Mountain.

If you’re seeking a middle-grade read with lots of spooks, jump scares, and giggles, then the Holiday Shivers book series is for you. This wacky series tells the tale of our four favourite cousins as they visit their Uncle’s ridiculously odd establishments. First, it was a monster amusement park with… real monsters? And now, there’s a dinosaur-themed water park! This guy clearly has all the money and all the weird ideas to create his own scary set of amusement parks.

If you haven’t read the first book, here’s a quick run down with a brief insight into this book:

Our leads are Jake and Jenny, who are siblings, and their cousins Rebecca and little Ricky. Their Uncle Victor seems to have all the money in the world, and he’s quite an interesting dude. For the second time, he’s opened up a themed amusement park and invited his family to come along for the fun. This time, he has built a water park on the side of Monster Mountain. Miss Perry, a lovely girl who worked at the park in the first book, is back in this sequel! And, this time she’s brought her boyfriend Perry who works at the waterpark and befriends little Ricky. We even get to see Mr. Fright again – the werewolf caretaker of the monster-themed amusement park. Apparently, he works wherever Uncle Victor goes.

This park is amazing, and it gets even better when the family learns that there is a top-secret hotel on the premises… Our wacky group of six, the cousins, Miss Perry and Percy, are in for a wild ride (literally), as they find out just what Uncle Victor has in store… Just wait until you learn about the T-rex-mobile!

Oh, and he plans to open a ski resort next. Before, of course, he does!

This brings all of the fun that Goosebumps did back in my childhood. It’s fun, wacky, zany, and spooky! It’s not pure horror, but it crosses the line just enough for middle graders to get a good spook. All the while, it’s just a fun read! It’s easy to read and understand, and just all around a nice book to sink away into. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a fantastical middle-grade read.

Four out of five stars!

I received this book for free from the author, Clark Roberts, in exchange for an honest review.

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