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Mother of Valor by Gary Corbin – A Book Review

The Book Review

Mother of Valor is a page-turning thriller that tackles the Mother-Daughter relationship, all the while packing in suspense, betrayal, action, and a dash of romance.

Gary Corbin is one of my favourite authors. That is no understatement, as I pretty much rush like a shopper on Black Friday to pick up any of his books. Gary has a way with words and can craft a thriller that keeps me glued to it and unable to stop until the book is binged. Yet again, I did just that with Mother of Valor.

Valorie Dawes is back in Mother of Valor and this time she has to stop an extremist group that plans to cause terror across the nation. It all starts with a prostitution ring, which is bad enough on it’s own. Young girls – some as young as 12 – are being kidnapped and forced into a trafficking ring. It’s brutal, it’s harsh, and it’s Val’s job to help break the case. But it’s not just her city, it ends up being so much bigger than she ever imagined. A violent extremist group wants to go after law enforcement, and it’s all led by the one person Val thought she’d never see again… Her Mother.

Rita is not dead, despite what Val’s been led to believe. Harsh realities open up old wounds for Valorie, and they will slowly seep into her life in ways she never expected. She’s supposed to manage her job, her budding relationship with Gil, and now also deal with all of the drama of her entire family coming back into her life at a moment’s notice. Does she ever get a break? Of course not.

Manipulation. Betrayal. Thrills. Chills.

Thrilling. Exhilarating. Personal. Kick-butt action.

Gary Corbin tackles when a thriller meets a monster Mother.

It’s no exaggeration to say this book packs the adrenaline. This was honestly probably my favourite book by Gary Corbin for how he seamlessly wove kick-butt action, a dramatic storyline with all the feels, and a female gaze romance that tied up the entire story in a perfect, little bow. I can’t find many faults, other than the sequel not being in my hands yet (I trust Gary will hit me up and let me know it’s coming so I can become the giggly, excited fangirl that I am whenever I get my hands on his new books). There are sting operations, lots of takedowns of bad guys and saving the good kids, and just enough of the punch packed in about the entire takedown being a part of something bigger. This story is a must-read!

Now, you might be wondering if you need to read the full series to understand this book. While I would suggest you do because this entire series is amazing, you definitely don’t need to. Gary gives you just enough info throughout the novel that you’ll be able to read this as a standalone.

Overall, my opinion is super high for this incredible sequel in Valorie Dawe’s story. I hope for many more books to come, and for many readers to keep picking the books up so I can binge as many of these books as I can get my hands on. Fast-paced books with lots of adrenaline and just the right amount of romance that isn’t cringey or sex-focused make me one happy reader!

Five out of five stars. Can I give it six or seven? No? Fine. I’ll stick with five.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review from the author, Gary Corbin.

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