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I Hate Nate by Melanie Ting -Book Review

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What more can a Canadian girl ask for? I Hate Nate by Melanie Ting is a delightful romance following a hockey player with a type, and a girl who is determined to get her life in order.

I’ve been quietly loving Melanie Ting for quite some time (okay, maybe not exactly “quietly” but I haven’t been screaming, so that counts…. right?). And then along came an opportunity to read Melanie’s hockey series. HOCKEY?! Yes, please! This proud Canadian used to frequent the local hockey rink and watch the boys play their games (and my local team always lost… so you know how that goes). As a high schooler, we had the local team go to school with us and all the girls SWOONED over these boys (although… looking back now… why did we? Honestly. They aren’t as dreamy as the men n this book…).

Anywho, Nate Jones is a hot hockey player rocking it out on the Vancouver Vice hockey team. He’s the bomb, the best, a hot topic… And then he DOES become the hot topic. The “I Hate Nate” campaign comes about, claiming that Nate isn’t a charmer, and in fact, he’s the snake. Oh, he’s a clueless boy, but in walks Camille Salang. She’s a friend of his, and the woman he’s been continuing to ask out for quite some time. But, she’s also Asian… and that’s his type (and one of the reasons why the I Hate Nate campaign came about, to begin with). After her life was turned upside down (and not in a good way), she decides to help Nate investigate who the negative Nancy is that’s trying to ruin his career, and maybe the two hit it off… Of course, they hit it off! This is a romance book guys!

Now, I absolutely LOVED this book. I read it twice, and both times it was just as magical. These are the romance novels I miss and have been craving in so long. Some kind of trope, a genuine slow build, hot and heavy scenes, the drama…. Oh, this is a good one. It’s easy to say I’m going to need to binge the rest of this series ASAP.

Melanie Ting writes a compelling story that pulls you in and keeps you in. The book moves at a medium to fast pace to keep you engaged and also makes you think and wonder. There was also fantastic character growth in both Camille and Nate, which makes me feel all sorts of happy. Keynote: You don’t need to read the rest of the series to understand what’s going on. As usual, Melanie fills you in with just enough details to make this book worthy of standalone status… But, if you’re like me… You just know you’re going to go through the back catalog one of these days.

Overall, this book was ON FIRE. Er… Cool as ice? Input a hockey pun here, one that rates this book FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS.

I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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